Highlight with bangs

What a lot of people lately do not know about this 2000’s trend is that works for adding some extra light not only to your hair but also your face, highlights with bangs work for making your face look radiant and if you want to try something new, not too radical with your hair you should try some color that is slightly lighter than your natural hair color or also if you feel all bold and like trying something totally fantastic and wild, you can match some of your favorite color with a lighter tone or trying even more wild with a very bold hair color just like red and add some purple light.

You should keep reading this article. How amazing very-easy-to-do is this look, you guys have no idea how easy it was to get this incredible look at the salon and now; what is better that all these colors ideas?

Adding highlights with bangs, it’s a can’t-fail formula, believe me; these amazing friends of mine help to give structure to your face and make your face look thinner, of course it has a lot to do with your structure itself but you can always ask your hairstylist about what you can or cannot do with your hair; we mean, who would not like to have a radiant face with an amazing structure?

Bangs with highlights long hair

Bangs with highlights long hair

For those girls with very long hair that want to try something new but they refuses to cut it off, I give you the solution to all of your fashion problems with this amazingly simple proposal: Highlights with bangs.

We know how hard can be trying to cut off your hair when it finally gets the length you want it.

You can try having a bang it does not have to necessarily be straight, you can get one and have it by the sides of your face this going to help to make it look like something new for those who have not seen you in month, but it does not sound like a great change, right?

Have you think about adding some light to your hair?

Put some highlights with bangs to it, we know what I’m talking about, girl.

Be bold and add some amazing colors to it, shocked them all and let them breathless.

You can definitely try some thick reflections that will look better and be more noticeable, so everyone can tell you how amazingly good you look or how great you are “growing”, and remember if anyone asks you just say “oh! I don’t know, this is just me growing, I guess”.

amazing colors

Bangs with highlights short hair

Bangs with highlights short hair

But don’t you ever think that I just care about long hair, of course we have to talk about the shorties all around the world.

Does everyone tell you things like “when you are going to change that look?” “You been so long with short hair, you should let it grown a little” “Oh, come on! Short hair is just for dykes” and things like that?

Are you ready for adding some feminine vibes to it? And what could be better than adding some highlights with bangs to this business, I know it does not sound too great for all the “work” to keeping it all great.

The good news for all of us, short haired lazy girls is that it does not require a lot of maintenance, it really does not but, that’s all? You may ask, oh!

No, ladies this is just one side of the iceberg, what about add capes to your short hair for bring the party to the front side of your head.

Now imagine how great it would look like on you, breathe taking? Is everyone checking you out at streets? Is your man or girl breathless? Is everyone looking at you in the party?

Amazing, if your answer were “yes” you should try this one for now on.

Bangs with highlight fantasy pastel colors

Bangs with highlight curly hair

Bangs with highlight curly hair

Curly is the synonym of fun for every single person in this world but no one has any idea of how hard is to keep those curls on fleek, although it is all worth it because of the compliments and all the love people give you.

Of course people want to sell this idea that says “if you bleach your curls, they are going to die” but you can keep all of your curls on fleek even if you bleach it, well curly ladies keep that coconut oil around because your time has come so you can enjoy your curls even when you bleach it for getting highlight with bang.

All that you need to do is to apply any kind of oil (coconut or castor) before and after (weekly) you bleach your hair, it helps to reduce the damage to the minimum also hydrate your hair to the maximum let it as soft as a silk, but is that enough for a change?

Oh no! You need more, why not trying some great hairstyle, it’s not enough just cutting it, try some bang, girl, it looks so adorable in curly haired girl because this gives you so much style and helps to keep those curls stylized and it is not just that also it gives you a young fun vibes that everyone will love, am I right?

Highlights with bangs are going to give you everything you ever needed for those curls.

curly haired girl

Bangs with highlight in straight hair

Bangs with highlight in straight hair

People usually get a little upset while talking about the straight hair because they usually think that is too bored and no one should get the hair like that but with the right hair cut you can rock this look just like many celebrities does like Cardi B, Beyonce, the Olsen twins or even some boys just like Jared Leto.

It’s cute how you can own this look but better than having straight hair with the right haircut is having it with some highlights with bangs, how it is been told before, it helps to make you look radiant but not only that for those ladies that like to be reserved about their age.

This look will make you look younger and refresh and for those young babies that are starting to try new things with the right highlights with bangs you may look fierce and all empowered of yourself.

This is a very easy maintenance look because you can freely having it for months and you don’t have to retouch it and because of the usual thickness of this kind of hair will not look really “damage” after the bleaching process, actually it will keep looking really healthy but if you want a little extra help with open tips just add some coconut oil to it and it’ll stick together again.

right highlights with bangs

Bangs with highlight very light colors

Bangs with highlight very light colors

Everyone loves highlights with bangs or at least they should because it is super amazing how many pros it got, just like how easy is to get them done, the low maintenance it need, how literally anyone could rock it, since the “I am always busy” mom, passing through the wild “I do not care” young adult and the “sugar, spice, everything nice” girl to the modern office woman, furthermore it does not injure so much your hair.

It is well know that gives a little extra to your life and how my favorite grandmother used to say “always live your extra life” and what could be better than that having some rocking reflections in your hair with a pretty bangs that gives you a young, bold and wild look It is absolutely amazing how anyone could rock this look, this is a look for the adventurous that will add some character to their style, you can try it with light colors like blonde or light brown for you to look younger, less tired and it will give you a kind of alive vibes.

Also you can try it with long or short hair because highlights with bangs look amazing in anyone.

long or short hair because highlights with bangs

Straight fantasy colored hair with bangs and highlights

Straight fantasy colored hair with bangs and highlights

In the early 2010’s started a very fun trend of colorful hair, we have seen all kinds of colors in different kinds of hair, even nowadays they mix everything up so we even have very colorful hair going on, it could sound confusing but imagine some purple hair going on with lilac highlights, cute, is it not?

What about some dark blue with pastel blue highlights, all amazing?

What about a rose gold with pastel pink highlights?

And if you feel even more fierce what about a cherry red with some purple highlights with bangs.

We think every little girl inside us is asking for trying at least one of those looks but “oh my God, my hair will be a mess with all that bleaching” I have the solution for that statement and it is easy to make, get some deep conditioner and also can get a cream bath (you can always add them some vitamin ampoules) it helps to bring your hair back to life, try to reduce the use of the hair iron and the hairdryer and let your hair recover from the bleaching.

Here you have a video so you can watch all the procedure and the results of highlights with bangs

Curly fantasy colored hair with Bangs and highlights

Curly fantasy colored hair with Bangs and highlights

We already told you how cute you would look like with pretty highlights with bangs; but what about those who feel really wild and want to try something radical?

A great option for those curly pretty girls is adding some colors to it and we don’t mean anything like “blond nor caramel nor red”, we are meaning something bold just like fuchsia, purple, green, blue or even yellow, now imagine how beautiful your hair will look like and how your curly hair will take a new and playful perception so then we can say that your hair is going back to life.

Now having this new color palette add, can you imagine those pretty curl with some highlights with bangs in pastel tones just like “pink, lilac, sky blue”, sounds too crazy?

But what about that light in your face that will make everyone turn around in the room, you will be vibrantly radiant, now let’s talk about the extra you can give to your hair, of course I am talking about your haircut, you should try a bang, I mean I being really serious about this is a blessing for this world, a blessing that will add definition and structure to your face that will make absolutely everyone tell you how cute you are lately, now if you want to look stunning by a new look.

curl with some highlights with bangs in pastel tones

Bangs with highlight fantasy pastel colors

Bangs with highlight fantasy pastel colors

Most of people specially girls freak out about how combine the fantasy color to create beautiful highlights with bangs, but it’s really easy just try it by adding some 2 tone lighter or darker than you “base” color and there you go, you are owning it.

But what about when you already have a light base color? What do you do? We bet you thought about it even before we mentioned it, right?

Now it is time to a real talk here, ladies; it is easier than it seems, you just need to get to know your colors and the ways to combine them, there are 2 easy methods of “combining” colors.

The complementary combination and the triad: the complementary consist by choosing a color and then looking for the color right in front of it, so it creates contrast and can anyone vibrates by the look while the triad consist choosing three colors that have the same spaces between them, this also create a great contrast that will make you shine.

Making highlights with bangs and pastel colors are possible you just need to know your colors, what could be better than a fairy look?

Adding a bang so it can look really innocent while adding dimension and a better structure to your face, this look will light up everything in your face since that pretty smile of yours till those hypnotizing eyes.

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