Green Highlights

It is true that if we mention the words highlights and green color together you will not be filled with too much joy, there are very few people who would take into account the green highlights to make a change in their appearance.

The green color is not the most quoted in terms of dyed hair, but definitely between tastes and colors there are for all kinds of people and although this color is not the trendiest brand these days has its charm in some aspects perhaps you did not know.

I know that when you think about the color green you do not stop thinking about goblins and St. Patrick’s Day but would you think that there are a variety of shades that might interest you when it comes to a change?

Maybe not, that’s why it’s our job to inform you that many of the shades of green color can favor your skin and eye tone, even when there are many myths about this color, let us tell you about the different ideas you can try with green highlights, both striking and subtle, that are available to you.

you can try with green highlights

Many shades for green highlights

Many shades for green highlights

It is really common to relate the green tones with the disaster generated after dyeing your hair in two different colors consecutively causing your hair to look unpleasant green, it can also happen when you expose your hair to the chlorine of a pool when it has not been too long since you dyed your hair, or simply when you try to dye your hair at home without too much experience creating an explosion of unwanted colors, but you can be sure that here we will show you tonality that goes perfectly with different shades of hair when we talk about green highlights.

The variety in the color range of this color for your green highlights would surprise you, you just have to look for the right information from reliable sources and not believe too much what people say about colors that they think unconventional, out of fashion or dedicated only gothic people full of piercings and tattoos, that is a very silly myth about this color, so we want to talk openly about what are the alternatives that you can enjoy that can give your hair a fantastic appearance without caring too much what people say about this color.

look unpleasant green

Green highlights on brown hair

Green highlights on brown hair

Before you make hasty conclusions, let us tell you about the versatility of your brown hair, yes, it is a hair color that looks amazing with almost all the tones, not to mention that all of them, however, people have taken care of make it look like one of the most hair shades of hair, be it dyed or natural but do not think too much about what the other girls say, take the necessary actions and show how different your hair can look with green highlights are thin or thick highlights, each one of the options with the results offered, will make your hair look like a fashionist

We remind you that you should not imagine or assume the final results without first having filled with the necessary knowledge about this style, there are many techniques available for the application of green highlights in your brown hair, a professional colorist can speak to you of the personality that This style will add to your hair and how bright or cold colors begin to impose more and more, not only green but other colors such as blue, red or orange.

Here you can have an idea of how to show off your green highlights through this video.

If you thought that was all about your brown hair with green highlights, let us show you a little more

your brown hair with green highlights

You must take into account from the beginning that having green highlights in your hair will make a big difference that could amaze you in the best way; it is a fantastic change without the need to completely dye your hair.

For your chocolate brown hair you can add some highlights in juniper tones, we assure you that the combination looks completely fantastic, since you will be working with cold tones that will add dimensions to your hair.

The appearance of the green highlights applied in a professional way by an expert colorist will give your hair an impressive contrast of tones, other tones that you could try on your brown hair are the olive and the pickle for a much more natural look, just look and find the right tone that matches the chestnut tone you have and get ready to see your hair come alive in an innovative way.

your chocolate brown hair

Black hair with green highlights

Black hair with green highlights

If you were wondering which natural hair tone is most benefited by the green highlights you should know that the black and green hair is an ideal combination, when applying highlights in emerald and pine tones your hair may look a bit gothic, but you It will give a mysterious, serious and a little more mature appearance, this type of tonalities are ideal for the coarse highlights of the hair half down and never from the root.

The green highlights have been well known over the last few years, as more and more cold colors begin to prevail within the most requested range of colors in beauty salons at the time of a change of look.

If your hair is virgin when applying the shades mentioned above they will have exactly the same shade shown in the box of your dye, but if your hair has been dyed previously the colors you apply will look much brighter, in any way it will achieve a satisfactory effect that will fill your hair with dynamism and style.

If your hair is virgin when applying the shades mentioned

More beautiful shades that will make your hair look with green highlights completely extraordinary

hair look with green highlights completely extraordinary

On the other hand you can opt for green tones like seaweed or moss that are lighter tones that will give your hair a versatile and full of shine, giving it a subtle twist at the same time, we assure you that you will make an impression on the others people out of this world, you just have to give green highlights a chance to benefit your beauty as much as possible.


We know that the girls most want to stand out from the crowd, and to go completely out of the ordinary you can apply a ombre effect on your hair with green tones to add darker or lighter shades that make your green highlights look absolutely magnificent.

Maybe you do not think that the ombre technique is not familiar with the green tones but on the contrary, but applied in the right way will give you incredible results by dyeing your hair in different colored strips in layers.

can apply a ombre effect on your hair with green tones

Green highlights on blonde hair, would you give them a try?

Green highlights on blonde hair

Blonde hair is very valuable for those who have it naturally and also for those who enjoy a beautiful and professional dyeing work, imagine your blonde hair with some green highlights?

Try not to immediately think of that shade of absolutely horrible green color that is generated when you dye your hair in two different colors consecutively because it is not what we want you to consider, on the contrary think of delicate tones that will make your hair look fun and avant-garde.


Your blonde hair with green highlights has everything to excel, you should only choose light shades like mint or pistachio, these shades will give your hair a lot of light and add an aspect of sweetness and delicacy, but you should also take into account that the procedure can be complicated to achieve a professional finish, that is why you should not leave your hair in the hands of anyone, on the contrary, place yourself in the hands of a professional to light up your hair with fine highlights of these beautiful shades, dare! You will not regret the shocking result.

Your blonde hair with green highlights

Do you want a more radical color change than green highlights? Would you combine them with some other color?

Do you want a more radical color change than green highlights? Would you combine them with some other color?

You can mix your green highlights with any other color.

For example, let’s say you can not choose between applying green or blue highlights, how do you make the decision?

It is not strictly necessary that you do this, you can mix both colors in a colorful and fun aspect, mixing these two tones can create a completely new look that you never thought you could have in you!

But do not think that green and blue highlights are the only possible mix of colors, at all!

You can create your own combinations, you just need to let your imagination fly and exploit your creativity to the maximum.

The green highlights combined with blue can be fun toned highlights to add to your style and appearance.

It will look impressive especially in people with cold skin tones, a trick to know if your skin tends to be colder or warm tones is to check the veins inside the wrist; If they are blue, they tend to cool the tones, and if they are green, they tend more to warm colors.

Who would say that taking into account these aspects of your body would benefit your beauty?


The application procedure of your green highlights

Pay close attention to the application procedure of your green highlights because the first thing you should keep in mind is the health of your hair

 The application procedure of your green highlights

In addition to all the information we have given you, another aspect that all women should consider before performing any beauty procedure on their hair, is that a job with satisfactory results takes time, many of the girls believe that the process of decoloration and coloring of the green highlights is done the same day, what many do not know is that this is not true, since the excessive application of chemicals to your hair would end up dehydrating and burning it.


For this same reason, professional stylists who have extensive experience in coloring techniques always recommend to each of their clients that the coloring be done between five or six days after the discoloration so that the fibers of your hair can recover a little.

The application of bleaching before dyeing your hair with the tone you have selected for your green highlights and ensure a much healthier result.



Everything you need to know about how to take care of your green highlights, let’s take a look!

how to take care of your green highlights

Now that you have your hair with its beautiful green highlights, now is the time to take care of it in the most appropriate way so that it does not deteriorate, dry out and dehydrate as a result of the application of chemical products during the coloring process.

There is a variety of products in the hair care market that can go to ensure the welfare of your hair and allow it to look healthy, beautiful and alive for a long time.

First of all you will need to use a special shampoo and conditions specifically formulated for dyed hair, get rid of your old hair products that you were using earlier and surround yourself with products with color treatment.

It is also good not to wash your hair every day, this will help keep your hair healthy and the color in your hair for longer, you will not want to see how the water gets the color of your green highlights, will you?

Then apply your conditioner – it is very important that you never miss this step, if you do, your hair could dry super fast and that will take it to open ends – and it will not be removed immediately but it will leave it for a couple of minutes so you can do your work, last but not least, rinse.

These steps will allow you to continue having your hair full of life with your green highlights.


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