Caramel Highlights

Highlight is a word that most people find not really exciting but to other it will make them smile thinking about this hair trend.

The truth is that caramel highlights are just like any other highlights, most are done with foil and will have a great end result if you leave yourself on the hands of a trusty and professional hairstylist.

And the truth is that caramel highlights are just the right option for you if you want a change of look but you don’t want to go for an all over the place make over as there are plenty of shades and tones that can fit perfectly with your hair and skin color, allowing you to choose the want that you like the most.

Remember that your stylist will be there to help you and can place the highlights where and the way you want, and there are a wide variety of options that can cover everything you’ve ever wanted to have in your hair.

On the other hand, if you don’t know what you want to get don’t be shy to ask your stylist!

They will be excited to help you do decide what you want and will also give you tips and recommendations on what you should get to better match your face and what will look better on you.

Just keep in mind to step out of the box and don’t stay in the same place all the time, changes will happen and what better change that one of look.

Caramel highlights: tones as delicious as their name

Caramel highlights: tones as delicious as their name

The variety of options for caramel highlights are incredibly attractive, this palette of sweet tones covers a wide range of tones, from cold tones to fine tangerine and dark brown tones.

Any color of hair can adopt the explosion of the caramel highlights, the saturation of the highlights can also vary, you can bet on the tender and the subtle or the opposite to see more striking and make a difference.

many tones as possible

To have a better idea and be inspired, we recommend that you look for photos of as many tones as possible, do not just stay with the ones we provide, the idea is that you have the most satisfactory result possible with your caramel highlights.

What maybe you did not know about caramel reflections

There are some aspects that you should take into account when it comes to caramel highlights, you should know that in light brown or blond hair, few tones are nice to provide them, but choosing the right tonality the result is a sophisticated and exclusive hair.

This is a color that has high demand among celebrities and is something totally understandable, because it is one of the most flattering colors for any type of hair, blonde and brunettes can enjoy what caramel highlights have to offer.

You should also take into account that this is a less aggressive type of dyeing and therefore will not cause drastic changes to your hair, in addition to the variety of tones available are simply beautiful.

What maybe you did not know about caramel reflections

If you are looking for inspiration for your caramel highlights, this is for you

As we mentioned, the caramel highlights stand out among celebrities and I think this is an insentient that can help you make the decision to opt for this look to look like a complete movie or television star.

Remember also that most colors favor different skin tones, so here we suggest some ideas for you to be inspired.

If you are looking for inspiration for your caramel highlights, this is for you

First of all we want to tell you that if you are blonde, some caramel highlights would not fall bad for a beautiful bronde style that can steal all eyes, also, if you want to add a brown color to your hair, we recommend candy lights and cinnamon, the combination is bright and striking, you will surely love it

On the other hand, if you have dark hair and want to add dimension to your hair and a feeling of movement, the tangerine-colored caramel highlights will subtly highlight and achieve that desired effect, the caramel tones are fantastic when your goal is to accentuate the brown color and hazelnut.

When we decide to have caramel highlights, decisions are important

Another recommendation that we can give you is that if you opt for the alternative that your caramel highlights do not start in the crown, quiet, many women do not know that in fact it is a wise decision because it will decrease your visits to the room for retouching and whether it is see accentuated or subtle you will continue to look fashionable, being in trend and especially spending much less What more can you ask for?

When we decide to have caramel highlights, decisions are important

Virgin hair is undoubtedly a treasure, if it is the first time you are thinking of dyeing your hair, animate to choose a simple but beautiful look with caramel highlights very fine that add luminance to your hair, it is a subtle change that will make you look different without mistreating your hair drastically.

beautiful look with caramel highlights

With caramel highlights you have plenty of options to enhance your beauty

Freshen up your look with a mane covered by caramel highlights. Learn everything you need to know how to get the highlighted hair you need to light up your face in and instant.

If you really want to dye your hair but you are not dauntless enough to change up your hair completely then this wicks are an ideal solution to accomplish the brightening effect with the addition of harmonizing and soften your traits, and the best thing?

They are so versatile that they will fit you no matter what lies underneath, either your hair color or your skin tone.

To have caramel highlights you have countless of techniques, but the important thing is the tone you are going to select —that way the transition between your base color and your caramel highlights looks natural— and the thinness or thickness of your highlights.

With caramel highlights you have plenty of options to enhance your beauty

If what you want is a big make over then the thick highlights are what will work best for you, especially if you go high and near your roots.

All you need to do is make sure to have the hair near your face neatly dyed with smaller and thinner strands of highlights so you can frame your face the best way.

And if the tone you decide to go is one that’s closer to your natural color then you will have almost no change but your hair will look a lot brighter and with extra luminosity.

the thick highlights are what will work best for you

Brown hair with caramel highlights

Caramel is a shade of warm color, meaning that it will need to be accompanied by a warm brown shade as well.

The undertone of your skin and you eye color will be taken into consideration at all times when you are going to change your hair color, so make sure to know what’s your undertone when you decide what color you are going to dye your hair.

If your hair is naturally brown chances that your tone is warm are high, so won’t need to worry about this.

Dark brown hair with caramel highlights is a combination that will look superb, just like deep chocolate hair, chestnut hair and golden light brown hair with caramel highlights you can’t go wrong with these combinations.

Although we have said that undertones are very important while deciding what hair color you should apply remember that this is all a recommendation, if you really want to have caramel highlights or highlights with any warm tone you can always get them.

Just because they are not recommended does not mean that you can’t have them on your hair.

Brown hair with caramel highlights

Do you like them? Learn to do these Caramel Highlights

Black hair with caramel highlights

Caramel highlights are incredibly enticing, and that makes them an excellent choice for highlights, lowlights and even dip dyes.

They will give a really wide palette of sweet embraces and shades, and literally any basic hair color can adopt a color pop of caramel highlights.

You can even vary the saturations of your highlights, so they can go from very soft and subtle to very vivid and noticeable.

This means your black hair with caramel highlights will look good once you have them on!

Caramel can accentuate and add the depth of your hair color, as well as it can add light to your face with this incredible technique.

Black hair with caramel highlights

Black hair with caramel highlights is a great option if you want to have that “kissed by the sun” look, being they are going to highlight the places your hair would naturally lighten when you go to the beach and receive all that sunlight but without all the damage.

Your dark hair will look stunning with caramel highlights as they can and will adapt to you to compliment and applaud all of your features.

Your hair stylist should be able to help you decide which shades are worthy of your skin and hair shade with the purpose of allowing you to look your best with your black hair with caramel highlights, so if you are not scared to think outside of the box and are willing to give it a try caramel highlights are perfect for you.

If you want to make your caramel highlights at home, you can do it

If you want to make your caramel highlights at home, you can do it

Attention! We do not recommend that you do it if you do not have any kind of experience doing this; this is mostly suggested to those who handle techniques to dye their hair and have experience for it, if it is not your case, please, put yourself in the hands of a professional to obtain the expected result.

The first thing you should do is mix and prepare the color of your caramel tint in a container according to the instructions in the box, then brush your hair to remove all knots and tangles.

Then, throw an old towel around your shoulders to avoid staining your clothes during the procedure to dye your hair with caramel wicks, then part your hair in the middle and starting from near your face, take thin sections of 1/2 inch of hair you want to highlight and apply the caramel tint from the root to the ends with the fine brush for hair.

When choosing which sections to highlight, think about where the light would hit your hair naturally.

When highlighting the hair on the sides and the back of the head, apply the dye only from the middle of the hair and pull down to the ends with the help of a fine tooth comb.

Leave the color applied during the time indicated on the box. It should be around 25-30 minutes.

Then wash your hair and enjoy your homemade caramel highlights.

How to take care of the caramel highlights, once you have them?

How to take care of the caramel highlights, once you have them?

The most important for the treatment of caramel highlights is the hydration and use a shampoo low in sodium, the dyed hair has to dry very easily, so you should focus on keeping it full of life so that the change you achieved does not end up dulling your hair, on the contrary, that always makes it look like you want

For hydration you can use a treatment that you buy recommended from places specialized in hair care products, also, you can do it in a natural way, as we will indicate it to you next.

The hydration with egg is an excellent natural treatment for the care of your hair, what you have to do is place an egg in a cup and mix with a little coconut oil, apply it in all the hair and let it rest for 20 minutes, When removing, do it with warm water. Repeat every 15 days.

More ways to hydrate your hair with caramel highlights

Hydration with avocado is one of the most popular treatments among girls and for your hair with caramel reflections it will be of great help, you just have to crush a ripe avocado, add a bit of olive oil and grate a piece of coconut, unite everything and rub on your hair Let it rest for 30 minutes and remove with warm water.

Repeat weekly.

Finally, we want to talk about hydration with coconut oil soak your hair and put a bathing cap, let it rest for a whole night and remove in the morning, try to do it with warm water and a shampoo low in sodium, then place conditioner only on the tips.

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