Red highlights

When we hear about red highlights, the truth is that girls do not jump full of joy thinking it is the ideal change in look for us, but it would not really be our first choice when it comes to highlights.

Many of us do not believe that is the right color to which we should opt for a change, but girls, the only color available to make a change in your hair is not the blonde, in fact, red has a variety of shades that favor the different skin tones , but maybe you did not know it,  did you?

The truth is that there are many myths about how the red highlights look on our hair.



Remember that your stylist can place them the way you want, there are always a variety of options that could cover everything you always wanted to have in your hair, all you have to do is get out of the ordinary and start reinventing yourself, remember that If you count on good professionals who know how to do their job, it is worth taking the risk because the possibilities are endless.

In the following lines of this article we will show you everything red highlights have to offer you.


With red highlights you have multiple options to enhance your beauty

with red highlights you have multiple options to enhance your beauty

Renew your look with a mane covered by red highlights. Learn how you can get the hair with highlights you need to light up your face instantly.

If you want to dye your hair but you do not dare with the drastic changes, the wicks are the ideal solution to achieve a super bright effect, in addition to many other advantages:

bright effect

Your hair seems brighter, rich in nuances and, above all, harmonize and soften your traits immediately, your best virtue?

They are so versatile that they will fit you no matter what hair color you have, all you have to do is find the perfect tone for you.


You can find many techniques to get beautiful red highlights; the important thing is the tone you choose (so that the difference between your base color and the coloring is natural) and the thickness of the reflections.

If you are looking for a radical change, try the thicker ones, especially the top of the head and the tufts of the bangs, on the other hand if you want to try a few highlights without changing too much the color of your hair, you just have to stick to the strands that surround your face and apply very fine highlights.

You will have practically the same color of hair but with an extra luminosity.

base color with coloring

Dark brown hair with red highlights

Dark brown hair with red highlights

Every time you mention brown hair, some people may think it’s boring because brown hair seems so safe.

It looks different from all the other hair colors that are available.

In order to dress brown hair, it is best to get red highlights.

brown hair seems so safe

It does not really matter that others say that your hair is common; on the contrary, show them that it can be as versatile as any hair tone, that’s why here you can see the variety of red highlights that could make your hair stand out as anyone else can do it.

This will surely help the hair to be even better than before.

the variety of red highlights

When it comes to red highlights in your hair, do not automatically assume that you will know how the brown hair with red highlights hi look like because when you think about it, you all think they look like a gleaming fire engine, but think for a moment, there are different shades of red highlights that can be Place on your head and many of these are ideal to add to your hair that change you wanted for your hair.

These shades of red will also look perfect with other shades of brown.

brown hair with red highlights

Brown with red highlights

Brown with red highlights

If you have brown hair and need a change, consider having red highlights can make a big difference with your hair.

You can add a few copper pieces and you can expect your hair to look like the sun.

The fiery shades of red may not be very obvious, but with your brown hair, you can make a big difference, especially if it’s the first time you would like to make a change and you’re not sure what decision to take you can opt for this type of red highlights, you’ll look beautiful through a fairly simple change, the red highlights in this specific tone makes the saying that less is more.

Your hair will look perfect regardless of the time of day.

red highlights can make a big difference with your hair

When you have chocolate brown hair, you can expect your hair to be considered boring, many of us usually change our hair to this tone when we think we have run out of options but the truth is that many more do not know that the brown chocolate with red highlights can add a lot of brightness and life to your hair, but you will still see brown chocolate as something ordinary unless you do something to change it.

Be sure to add some caramel red highlights in some parts of your hair can completely change the appearance.

brown chocolate

Brown hair with caramel and red highlights

Brown hair with caramel and red highlights

Every time the sun hits your brown hair with caramel red highlights in the right way, some parts of it will seem to shine.

No matter what shade of brown the natural color of your hair is, you can be sure that it will no longer be boring the moment you put mahogany red highlights in certain parts of your hair.

Just imagine how cool and fun your hair looks like this.

This can be perfect if your hair is a little curly, although this can also work for women with straight hair, as you can see there are many options in terms of red highlights, we should only know which are the correct tones so that the change that we want it to be a success.

the correct tones

The red highlights in brown hair is the most frequent application worldwide, since most of the population that requests a change of look mostly has brown hair.

One of the populations with more reddish style is the girls from 16 to 28 years old.

If you have brown hair, your decolorization plan is quite easy, you only have to decolorize your base in the sections that you will place red highlights, for a time of 20 minutes, and then you must apply the permanent reddish coloration of the brand of your preference.

reddish style

Black with red highlights

Black with red highlights

A selection of red highlights in dark hair, is the current trend to look wonderful. This reflects a young style, perhaps Gothic, with great strength, dynamism, and light on the face.

However, for this look to be perfect, several aspects of dark hair must be taken into consideration.

The first aspect to consider is that it is a virgin hair or dyed dark, for which it is treated differently depending on the case.

In this way a virgin hair never before dyed will only need a discoloration less than 20 minutes before the application of color.

In the second case, hair dyed dark discoloration will take 30-40 minutes before reddish coloration.


Another aspect that we must consider is the time of realization, and is that taking into account that it is a dark hair, many stylists recommend the coloring of the red wicks is done in terms of 5 to 6 days after the discoloration of your dark tone, However, this aspect to consider is valuable because if you wait for the term of 1 week your hair will have recovered from the discoloration and the damage that this produces.

Do you like them? Learn to do these Red Highlights

Variety of shades in red highlights for your black hair

There is more variety of shades in red highlights for your black hair than you could even imagine

There is more variety of shades in red highlights for your black hair than you could even imagine

Even when red is one of the hardest colors to find in the world in natural hair, it is definitely one of the most requested colors in beauty salons around the world.

When we talk about red highlights in black hair, it is advisable to put our hair in the hands of a specialist who uses the balayage technique to brush bright colors on the hair.

The technique already mentioned makes the red highlights look much less thick and makes the maintenance of your hair much easier.

If you wonder which tone complements you better, the answer is in your skin tone, choose a tone that complements it, if you are clear skin we recommend red highlights in bright orange-red or reddish brown, trust that it will look stunning.

hardest colors

On the other hand, if you are medium skin tone we recommend you choose copper or golden red tones, which promise not to make you out of tune, finally if you are dark skin tone we recommend reddish blue colors, if you are a beautiful woman with wavy hair.

This tone of red reflections will look beautiful in your curls, it will add more personality, try it!

Red highlights in blonde hairmulti-colored

We have you covered!

Look no further than ruby hair with red highlights.

Blonde hair is beautiful, and red highlights are a nice way to update your tone without changing it completely.

Red highlights in blonde hair

Do you want to turn blond hair with red highlights? This is what you need to know about how to give life to this multi-colored mane.


If you have ever dyed your blond hair or maybe not, the important thing is that you know this process can be complicated if you don’t put yourself in the hands of good professionals who seek to take care of your hair throughout the procedure to dye the red highlights in your hair.

And that is especially the case with the highlights, which require a certain skill and technique to apply.

A colorist can perfectly paint the reflections, whether they are traditional aluminum papers or by using the balayage technique, to obtain a personalized look.

Keep in mind that the balayage highlights are much less intense than the traditional ones, so the balayage red highlights could be a good option for you if you do not have much time to return to the salon for retouching.

red balayage highlights

Taking care of blonde hair with red highlights

Taking care of blonde hair with red highlightsNow that you know your blonde hair requires more care for being a bit more sensitive to the chemicals used during the application of your red highlights, we want to tell you that there is a variety of products that you can access to take care of your hair and allow.

take care of your hair

You continue to look healthy and beautiful at all times

regular shampoo

The first thing we recommend is that you should use a shampoo and conditioner formulated for dyed hair, you should get rid of your regular shampoo to surround hair products with color treatment, it is also good to massage the shampoo on wet hair when you take a shower and then rinse, then apply the conditioner and do not remove it quickly, let it act for a period of 3 minutes and then rinse, these tips will allow your hair to continue being full of life as your red highlights.

then apply the conditioner

Do not forget the hair masks for your blonde hair with red highlights!

Do not forget the hair masks for your blonde hair with red highlights!

Become a friend of the masks for hair, sometimes after dyeing our hair, what it needs the most is to be hydrated, we advise you to look for intensive conditioning products for dyed hair.

In addition to the masks, we recommend using a heat protector, if your desire is that your red highlights last as long as possible, you should protect them from all the times that you expose them to high temperatures by using the hairdryer and ironing the hair .

Do not forget that the retouching is important, we recommend retouching your red highlights every so often, establish reminders, it is easy to be busy and forget completely that it is time to do a root retouch, schedule appointment with your stylist to keep your hair beautiful.

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