Black Hair with highlights

Have you ever looked at your jet black hair and had no idea what you could do to make it look different? Well, believe it or not, this technique of lightening the hair is not reserved only for the sun-kissed brunettes and the natural-looking blondes.

If you really like to have black hair with highlights, it is possible for you too.

That’s right: if you have convinced yourself (and your hair) that the highlights are not cut out, it is time to review the idea.

If you want to add depth or simply animate the color of your hair without immersing yourself in a complete dye job, highlights are the perfect solution to change your appearance.

Here are some of the most prominent tones that you should consider if you want to have black hair with highlights, along with tips to take care of dyed hair.

black hair with highlights

Variety of options for your black hair with highlights

We will show you the variety of options for your black hair with highlights

Are you looking for more light? Do you want to know what the ideal highlights for black hair are? To the natural! The hair gains more light with discreet highlights for black hair. Effectively, clarifying it updates it, adds shine and gives it a modern and young look, but without changing its style.

So, what’s new about this popular coloring method? Instead of the usual marked highlights, made with precision from the roots to the tips, which also continue to show trend and we will not stop mentioning them in this article, now also is in tendency the naturalness. Subtle gradients, delicate colors and harmonic.

In short, the color has to look authentic and natural instead of dyed. We present the highlights for black hair that you are sure to love: classic colors, California wicks, balayage, babylights and ecaille.

Let’s enter the multitonal fun with your black hair with highlights                       

hair to look as natural

If you want your hair to look as natural as possible, there are a variety of options available for you to choose if you have dark hair.

Keep in mind that adding highlights to black hair can be a drastic change in hair color, the best thing you can do to care for your hair is to visit a professional colorist, as this may require whitening and multiple sessions to achieve the desired hair color.

change of a new season

There is something about the change of a new season that inspires the need for a new look, girls always seek to reinvent ourselves, to see ourselves differently, but also many of us feel insecure of how our natural hair will look after risking putting some color.

While it is tempting to want to explore Pinterest or the pharmacy aisle and choose a color on a whim, we encourage you to adopt the color of your natural hair and dare to make it look much more beautiful.

Knowing the natural tone of your skin and the color of your natural hair can make a difference and will enable you to choose the highlights for your black hair and color treatments that will help you look better.

Do not choose a color on a whim for your black hair with highlights, better work with what nature has given you!

The first thing you should do is determine your skin tones before thinking about having black hair with highlights.

There is much debate and confusing rhetoric in the world of beauty regarding skin tone, and it may be understandably difficult to determine what your tone is.

If none of the descriptions that appear on different websites convince you, we recommend that you consult a skin tone specialist.

black hair with highlights

Before choosing a color for your black hair with highlights, you should know that the black and dark tones mark the features and generally increase your age, that is why many of the women who have these colors in their hair want to give it a little light, life and step blur and soften your face.

Women have always been fans of highlights, give a unique touch, plus you can take many or few according to the change you want to achieve, that is, they are modular, and little by little you can increase them if you like the result.

black and dark tones

What are the best colors for black hair with highlights since always?

Before telling you about the most outstanding trends for black hair with highlights, we want to show you in a general way the tones that over the years have looked great in black hair.

If you want to add a look to your hair, try the eye reflexes, this has always been a safe option for girls who want to have black hair with highlights, it is one of the most requested shades of beauty salons around the world, when you try the red highlights in black hair, the balayage technique is used mainly to subtly brush bright and intense colors like red, always remember the tone according to the tone of the skin and the variety of shades that are available to you will surprise you.

alternative look

It does not matter if it’s an alternative look or a natural look; it’s available for your black hair with highlights

Another avant-garde look that has been felt for decades and that is available to you are the platinum highlights, if you are looking for an alternative look that will help you stand out among all, the black hair with platinum highlights will give you a high contrast chic urban style that will attract attention wherever you go, if you are one of the girls who enjoy treading your hair, the platinum highlights will add a more style to your hairstyles.

chocolate brown highlights

On the other hand, if you want to opt for a more natural look you can try the chocolate brown highlights in your black hair.

Have you ever wanted to have tanned hair and spectacular?, Well, that is not reserved only for blondes, good news girls: You can also have black hair with highlights that make them look as if they live every day sunbathing, The trick to achieve this beautiful and summery appearance is to opt for chocolate tones that resemble more the way the sun would naturally lighten dark hair.

intensity of the black

The ombré effect on black hair with highlights

The ombré effect for black hair with highlights really helps to neutralize the intensity of the black, creates a “gradient” that softens the black root and avoids a very strong contrast between the root and the tips, as does the top model Chanel Iman; by lightening her tips with an almost reddish brown tone, Lily Collins also levels the color of her hair, taking something seriously off the color black.

If your hair looks flat and without volume, you can solve this problem using highlights, as these create an appearance of depth in dark hair.

Many celebrities have used this technique for their black hair with highlights, for example Fergie used it on her fine hair to change her look in 2010, Jennifer Hudson and Ciara have applied it with more blonde tones, while Kim Kardashian preferred the candy tone to give her hair a more sexy touch.

light colors

Do you like them? Learn to do these Black Hair with highlights

Black hair with caramel and blonde highlights

Caramel and blonde highlights tend to light colors, whether blond or brown, to imitate the effects of sunlight on the hair and we have the proof that these tones combine to perfection for those who want black hair with highlights. Surely you have heard many times about the Californian highlights but just in case, we remember your memory.

These highlights arise in the 70s, and the idea is to copy the effect of the sun on the hair, imitating the surfers of California.

They are applied from means to ends and they provide a great contrast with the hair tone of the base, being more marked and symmetrical than other types of wicks, such as balayage; You can see perfectly where the wicks start.

They bring great light and movement.

the Californian highlights

Because of the contrast achieved by these highlights and by the tones used (blond and light brown), many people believe that they only favor blond hair.

However, this statement is completely wrong, since the Californian highlights in black hair also look fantastic, give them a chance!

sweep or brush

Do you know about balayage highlights for black hair

The term “balayage” comes from the French word “balayer”, which means to sweep or brush.

With this technique of color, the wicks are formed freely in different thicknesses without separating them by tufts. Unlike the classic highlights for black hair, in these there is no clear separation and the gradients are smooth and fluid.

Two tones are mixed subtly for a fantastic natural result.

You will look like a real beauty with your black hair with balayage highlights: with this free technique, the coloration starts about 10 centimeters under the crown.

Intelligently applying color makes it possible to create or reduce the volume visually, depending on the type of hair and preferences.

The result is a custom-made color that favors the features.

The best: with this trend, the size and texture of the hair does not matter, it can be used with any haircut!

extra freshness

Baby lights: Mini-highlights for black hair

For those who want a slight change in their look, the mini-wicks called babylight are indicated to revive the hair.

They are usually applied by the front part that wraps the face.

They bring to your features an extra freshness! Not to mention that the hair visually gains depth and volume.

For a natural look, we advise to clarify the wicks only one tone.

The mane must reach at least the shoulders for this type of wicks.

This makes the wicks more effective and the hair color looks more alive.

They are perfect for a look with black hair with highlights.

Unlike other styles

Ecaille! The new multi-tone chestnut highlights for black hair

Strictly speaking, the ecaille is not a coloring technique but a new color trend.

As the transitions between colors are a decisive factor, the color is applied freely by the locks.

Unlike other styles, it has a wide palette of tones.

Here the wicks change from hazelnut to caramel or from blond to honey.

Seductive and versatile!

This interaction between various shades results in an elegant and radiant look.

The multi-tone style offers a natural look and also works with any hair size.

It is ideal if you are looking for a color of highlights for a black hair.

change your regular hair products for dyed hair products

Remember to give your black hair with highlights the necessary care!

After obtaining your beautiful black hair with highlights, remember to change your regular hair products for dyed hair products, use a combination of shampoo and conditioner free of sulfate and safe for your hair, this will cleanse and protect your hair from moisture.

Once a week change your conditioner for a hair mask, after applying your shampoo and rinse, apply it and let it act for five minutes, to keep your hair constantly hydrated.

take hot showers

Many of us like to take hot showers, but it’s time to say goodbye, hot water will dehydrate your hair leaving it dry and dull, follow our advice, take a shower with warm water, your hair will thank you looking amazing.

If you usually use heat tools constantly, such as a hair dryer, we recommend that you make sure to use a heat protector, but more than this our recommendation is that you avoid frequenting this type of hair tools to keep it healthier and full of life.

Dare to dry your hair to air is an alternative against the heat of the hair dryer if you want to make it look beautiful without hair straighteners.

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