Foil Highlights

When we talk about different beauty techniques, fashions and trends we know that the classics will always do their best to prevail and never go out of fashion.

The traditional methods are taken into account one way or another through the changes in fashion, from generation to generation and from decade to decade, it is more often, although it does not look like hair specialists with arduous experience they continue to make use of the techniques more conventional in beauty salons, often used in combination with other current techniques that allow them to give satisfactory results to each of their customers, this is the case of foil highlights.

Pos very antiquated that resembles the foil highlights are representative in all the beauty salons at level, is the technique of partial dyeing of the hair that has never been seen since its appearance, is the technique where it started all realized with other existing techniques today in fact, many beauty professionals have improved it, they have determined what the flaws are in this technique and they have dedicated themselves to making it look much better in the hair, but they have never been willing to disappear it.

resembles the foil highlights

The classics never go out of fashion and the foil highlights are not the exception

fashion and the foil highlights

That is why in the following lines we want to talk about why foil highlights are still one of the safest and most beautiful options in terms of hair dyeing, regardless of the color you currently have, the application techniques of classic highlights can be adapted to any type of hair as they have always done, it is true that today there are many famous techniques and quoted in many beauty salons, especially because they are so prominent are used by famous artists that we like and love so much It seems true, but that is not why we can put aside this classic technique, which may perhaps show you things that you do not yet know.

You should know that techniques currently known as balayage and ombre can work hand in hand with classic foil highlights perfectly. This representative style has managed to sneak in and establish itself in the current fashion trends that many women do not even imagine, even when multiple people already consider it obsolete, they will always have a characteristic style to offer to the girls through the different qualities and benefits that they have to offer your hair.

 Let’s take a look in the following video

You will not imagine everything the foil highlights have to offer your hair, no matter what type of hair you are, this is for you

everything the foil highlights have to offer your hair

The foil highlights aim to change a person’s hair gradually, a variety of shades and dyes or also using the method of discoloration to then dye the strands of hair, we already know multiple techniques of hair dyeing, it is true, but this type of highlights, although they have been discarded by some because of its radical and sometimes unattractive effect, has improved over the years by experts in hair beauty who have achieved that the applied colors can be seen much more natural and graceful in the hair.

Everything depends on the application process and what you really want to see in your hair, what many do not know is that the classic technique of hair dyeing with foil highlights is that it makes the hair look much fuller.

How many of us would not like our hair to look much more bulky?

On the other hand this traditional technique is one of the most effective to cover those annoying gray hairs that many of the women do not consider attractive and what they most want is to disappear them, so I think you are ready to continue reading everything we bring to you.

hair dyeing with foil highlights

The foil highlights offer you more benefits than any woman could even imagine

The foil highlights offer you more benefits than any woman could even imagine

If you wonder what are the advantages of foil highlights for you, we want to tell you that one of those benefits is that they are not difficult to maintain, just as you read it, although it is hard to believe, unlike other procedures, you should not touch it every month as other hair beauty procedures but on the contrary, after a long time is that you will need to walk around the room to touch up, you will decide when it is convenient to do it.

If your hair grows accelerated is a different issue because the root will be noticed much faster, but there are many foil highlights where the color is not applied from the root and you will not have major problems, on the other hand if you are worried that when applying a very similar hair tone your highlights disappear do not worry, here we will give you tools so they can be preserved for much longer and you can continue to enjoy a beautiful job in your hair.

the advantages of foil highlights

No matter what effect you want to achieve or what your wishes are, the foil highlights can help you

foil highlights can help you

The procedure foil highlights can be used by any woman who has the desire to make a change of look in your hair, not only that it has a different appearance but also look bright and full of life.

Also this type of technique of partial dyeing in the hair will make your hair does not lose its virginity completely because we know that this is the desire of many women when they think of making any kind of change to their hair dying to dye their hair totally because they value the Natural tone of your hair and want to care as much as possible.

As mentioned previously and as many of us know, women take the alternative of placing foil highlights to her hair as gray hair unwanted hair begin to appear and they all want some dye them so completely or disguise them, do whatever it takes to continue seeing young and full of vitality without being noticed passing years, many have even tried to dye them with bleach or darker shades on their own but the hair loses its naturalness and enslaves depend on the products used, so It is best to use foil highlights.

The procedure foil highlights

Let’s talk a little about the different techniques that combine perfectly with the foil highlights

the different techniques that combine perfectly with the foil highlights

One of the things that you may not have known is that the foil highlights are used constantly combined with current techniques, this makes the final result of the hair much more precious, since aluminum foil is an excellent insulator and will help you not to disturb the work of dyeing in the hair, in fact, it is difficult for a beauty professional not to affirm that he still uses the foil highlights to execute a dyeing technique for hair with excellence, as many stylists say that this type of technique traditional cannot be discarded because it makes the work done faster and more effectively

However, we know that our hair with foil highlights can change in some factors, so the care of your wicks can vary, everything will depend on the season or even our health and our hair, but that will never prevent subtle procedures and delicate techniques such as balayage or more complex procedures such as ombre technique are applied to your hair by using the steps to follow foil highlights and creations, here we have not mentioned all the available techniques.

foil highlights can change in some factors

Foil highlights with balayage, did you think this was possible?

Foil highlights, how can I give them the care they deserve

We already know this technique to dye the hair, this helps us to give a light and subtle change to our hair and make it look beautiful without applying color in a too drastic way, but we bet that they did not know that this technique so requested nowadays is combined with which it is used to apply the foil highlights, yes, it is!

Although all presume that this technique does not need aluminum foil, many stylists use it to isolate the hair layers to give the hair a much more professional finish.

In addition, the more divided the hair is able, the more it seems that the tones in your hair are natural.

The estimated time during this procedure is not too long but that also depends on the variety of shades that are going to be applied on the hair, the most important thing regarding these two techniques combined is that the hair does not have to be retouched constantly, in fact, you can enjoy the foil highlights combined with the balayage effect for a much longer time and have beautiful and fashionable hair.

technique to dye the hair

Ombre technique combined with foil highlights, for a beautiful variety of shades in your hair

Ombre technique combined with foil highlights

The foil highlights will never go out of fashion because from generation to generation the stylists in all the beauty salons worldwide have known how to give them inclusion within the coloring techniques they use for their hair, one of them is the ombre technique, the same It is used to fuse several shades of hair in a much more radical way and that is why sometimes it is not one of the favorite techniques, but wait, with aluminum foil you can achieve a more natural result, here we show you how.

The aluminum foil is used to give a base of color to the hair, this is achieved by dividing the hair first by able to apply a base shade without touching the root, in case it is the traditional ombre technique, this will make the application the other tonality will achieve a dazzling effect that will highlight the colors of your hair, the foil highlights applied at the beginning will end up being part of a much cleaner final result that will leave you extremely satisfied after the procedure performed.

the coloring techniques they use for their hair

Would you like your foil highlights to look like a beach, sun and sand day? Of course!

Would you like your foil highlights to look like a beach, sun and sand day

To perform a dyeing procedure on your hair that is as similar as possible to the appearance of your hair after a day under the sun, we want to talk about the babylights, this is a technique applied from the root through the technique for foil highlights is intended for girls who want a style a little more risky, but do not worry about that, for the final result will give your hair a style very similar to the reflections that are in the hair of a baby, if you put your hair in the right hands is a completely possible effect of achieve.


The foil highlights can give you that change you wanted so much through this practice, it will have the appearance of a virgin hair, it will not seem strange when someone asks you if it is your natural hair, since the people living on the coast, the saltpeter and constant exposure to the sun gives your hair a look very similar to yours, nothing better to tell you that your dyed hair seems to be natural, the shine that your hair radiates will surprise you, it will look completely light and manageable, giving you a carefree appearance as if it were always summer.


Foil highlights, how can I give them the care they deserve?

Foil highlights, how can I give them the care they deserve

Since you have known many more about the foil highlights and that are not as obsolete as many women think and that have more benefits for you than just wrapping your hair, we invite you to find much more information before dyeing your hair, so you can be completely satisfied and happy with the results.

On the other hand, it is not just about dyeing your hair, but about the care you should give after doing it and how this will have positive or negative consequences on your hair depending on the decisions you make.

When you take a bath try to reduce the showers with hot water, it is more, if you can eliminate them, this causes more damage to your hair after being subjected to so many chemical procedures, it will leave it dull and lifeless when what else should matter to you later of the coloring is hydration and how to make it look totally healthy.

Use product dedicated to the care of dyed hair, a shampoo that helps revitalize your hair and a conditioner that helps moisturize it, in addition to giving it more shine and softness, it will protect it from external factors, follow our advice and enjoy spectacular hair with foil highlights.

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