Bleached blonde highlights

Bleached blonde highlights are a great trend for girls who have light hair but also want highlights instead of lowlights.

This shade of blonde is super lights and it is also known as ‘platinum blonde’.

This hair color is everywhere at the moment, but it can also be one, if not the most, of the hardest colors to achieve the perfect shade and even more to maintain it.

Before you launch yourself at your nearest salon and dose your naturally happy and heathy hair with the chemicals of the bleach, to apply your bleached blonde highlights you should make sure that you can really rock the blonde look and of course, that you really want it applied to your own hair.

apply your bleached blonde highlights

Take into consideration that turning bleached blonde is going to take a lot of work not only during the process but also to maintain the highlights.

Once you have decided that yes, you want to have the bleached blonde highlights all over your hair then we can start talking!

Bleached blonde is the color of spring and summer, with numerous celebrities applying this trend on a weekly basis, it is an eye catching color and look very beautiful on the red carpet.

But be ready, it need plenty of upkeep.

10 things you should follow if you decide going for bleached blonde highlights

10 things you should follow if you decide going for bleached blonde highlights

Unless you want split ends, your hair to be frizzy and dry or for your roots to turn a glorious shade of wee-yellow, then you have to follow these commandments.

  1. Do not rush the process: Thanks to celebrities like Selena Gomez and Kimmy K, we now have the unrealistic though and expectations that reaching the bleached blonde highlights can be done overnight.

When the truth is that this kind of change is a color journey, it can take 3 or 4 appointments with your colorist to reach the blonde you are dreaming of. Great hair takes time!

  1. Find the perfect hairdresser: Get your best stalker abilities on the test, the best to tell whether a hairdresser will be able to fulfil the bleach blonde dream you have is to take a look at what they have done before. When you find a look that convinces you it is time for you to book a consultation and make a plan of action.

You do not have to make a color appointment until you fell one hundred percent ready.

  1. You should not, by any chance, attempt DIY bleaching: Or, if you have no other choice, be extremely careful if you have never done it before. Home bleaching can very easily damage the hair if not done correctly and overused, if home bleaching is the only option we recommend speaking to a colorist over a consultation to at least have some guidance.
  2. Use Olaplex: There seriously is no other way about it, bleaching damages the hair. But the best way to minimize that damage is to use, or make sure your colorist uses Olaplex (a hair treatment that protects very well the hair from damage) so your hair stays healthy and beautiful even after all the damage that bleaching can produce.Use Olaplex
  3. Do not over wash your hair: After you have you bleached blonde highlights after your salon appointment you should try to go the longer you can in between washing your own hair. Over-washing your hair can strip it of essential moisture and can also cause the color to fade. If this is your first time as a blonde we are sure you have to already notice your hair is drier in texture than what you are used to, so you should be easily able to squeeze in an extra day into your hair wash schedule without too much thought.
  4. 5. Do not over wash your hairUse toning shampoo: Bleached blonde highlights are notorious for shifting color and can even turn yellow if left unattended over time, the way to combat this is by neutralizing the brassy tones with a purple or toning shampoo.Use toning shampoo
  5. Do not brush your hair while it’s wet: This is an advice that works for all hair colors, but because bleached hair is already damaged from the bleaching process it is extremely important to remember this.When the hair is wet it’s when it is more susceptible to damage and it does not take much pulling from a comb to cause breakage. Do not brush your hair while it’s wet
  6. Be extra careful when you go swimming: Summer is approaching, and if you love swimming you will need to protect your bleached blonde highlights.  Not only does the chlorine in the water turn the blonde shades into green but it is also very damaging and drying towards the hair. Swimming caps will help protect the hair, but however, we also recommend for you to smother your hair in conditioner before getting it under the cap and into the pool. Conditioner is a heavy duty product that water will struggle to mix with and so it will help you protect your hair further.
  7. Apply heat only when it is necessary: Give a rest to the straightener, hair dryer and curling tongs! Your hair will already be vulnerable from the bleaching process and you should try not to add to that with heat. But if you really can’t live without your hair tools then prep your hair with a heat protectant spray or cream.9. Apply heat only when it is necessary
  1. You shall multi-task: With multi-tasking your hair we mean to take care of the different need of the different areas of your hair (in example. Your scalp and your tips) for stronger and healthier bleached blonde hair.

Massage a serum special for scalps to the root of your hair and then to the tips of your hair apply a hydrating or nourishing hair mask.

Are you enjoying these highlights? Learn how to apply them with this easy video


Bleached blonde highlights can sometimes turn orange, here is why and how to stop it

Bleached blonde highlights can sometimes turn orange, here is why and how to stop it

If you are not new to bleached hair, then you should know by now that it is common for orange or brassy tones to emerge in bleached or dyed hair.

First we need to understand that bleaching consists in lightening, or even removing, the natural hair color by diluting the melanin.

When bleaching to extreme levels there is no melanin left, meaning that the hair looks almost completely white.

Natural hair is formed by underlying pigment that contributes to the natural color of the hair and it is not taken completely off by the bleach and this is one of the reasons that bleached hair can turn orange.

understand that bleaching consists in lightening

Also, if the bleach is not left to process long enough you can end up with an orange result, it usually takes from 2 to 3 bleaching sessions to reach the desired tone without damaging too much the hair as well as completely eliminating the possibility of orange.

According to the color theory, opposite colors neutralize each other so, to counterpart the warmer tones dyes also contain opposite tones that neutralize the undertone and pigment, the opposite tone has to be added wo finally get a neutral result.

The best way to keep the wanted pigment in your hair

The best way to keep the wanted pigment in your hair

Toner, it is all about the toner. During the process you will most likely hear the word used quite a lot, but do you know what a toner is?

A toner is a semi-permanent hair color that can help neutralize unwanted brassy tones from the hair.

It can also be used to gloss the hair and make the bleached blonde highlights fun fantasy colors like red and purple.

You need to make sure you use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to prevent it from stripping the toner from your hair.

There are some shampoos that can also work as a toner but without the same strength.

make the bleached blonde highlights fun fantasy colors

You need to follow up with toner every 6 to 8 weeks to freshen up and keep your color.

If the bleached blonde highlights become brassy between follow ups you can use a purple shampoo, to help tone back down your hair until you can get back to the hair salon.

To maintain the color on your hair you should avoid shampoos with sulfates, ocean water, extreme sun exposure and chemical processes that expose the underlying pigments this is to make sure that the hair dyes stays in your hair as these are known for lifting the color from the hair.

How blue/purple shampoo can be your savior

How blue/purple shampoo can be your savior

Now we know that it is all about neutralizing unwanted tones.

So in order to remove the orange or yellow brassy tones from your blonde hair using a blue or purple shampoo can be the perfect solution for you.

Your hair will absorb a small amount of blue or purple pigment, depending on the shampoo you used, contained in the shampoo and that leads it to cancel out the orange undertones, what these shampoos do is deposit a light blue-ish tone that helps counteracting the orange and keeping your bleached blonde highlights light and bright.

keeping your bleached blonde highlights light and bright

Take into consideration that purple shampoo is very concentrated so it can dry your hair out, so keep in mind the condition of your hair before deciding how often you use a purple shampoo. If your hair is in a really dry state, you may want to deal with the brassiness for a while and minimize the use of this shampoo in order to save your strands.

You can also adopt a new hair regimen that will help you keep your hair away from brassiness. We highly recommend for you to specifically use color care shampoos, and never miss the conditioner part of your hair routine as your hair will need all the hydration you can give to it.

Side effects you should know about before dyeing your hair

Side effects you should know about before dyeing your hair

The hair dyeing process literally breaks through your hair to remove, or add, the color from your hair so you can have the hair color you have been wanting.

As most hair dyes have ammoniac and hydrogen peroxide they create damage to the hair that is it mostly not reversible, and you should be very sure you want this change before continuing with the process.

How to take care of your hair one you have your bleached blonde highlights

How to take care of your hair one you have your bleached blonde highlights

Now is the perfect time for you to start taking a deeper care of your hair so it does not get dumb and frizzy thanks to the chemicals used during the bleaching of the hair.

You have plenty of options for products that you can use to take care of your died hair and allow it to have more vitality and shine.

As stated before lowering the amount of times a week you wash your hair is an important step to take a good care of your hair, this will not only avoid your hair from getting too dry but it will as well avoid for the dye to lift from the hair.

It is very important for you to never miss on the step of applying hair conditione, your hair will need all the hydration you can give to it.

Another way to hydrate your hair is to apply hydrating hair masks to it at least once a week.

hydrate your hair is to apply hydrating hair masks

Another thing that can hydrate your hair is a deep conditioner, which you have to add to your hair at least 30 minutes before washing your hair once a week so it has the greatest effect on it, just apply it onto your hair and put on a shower cap to close in all the hydration.

Oils can also help hydrate your hair, just apply it before the deep conditioner on the scalp and massage it in to make sure all the nutrients are absorbed.

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