Ombre Highlights

This method for hair highlights comes from the French, the word  “ombre” means shade and it is a beautiful and decorative technique that has marked a trend during the last decades, although the ombre highlights may seem like a recent technique, it does not stop having a great boom because it is a of the most used in beauty salons.

Although there is no clear data on how ombre highlights became popular, it is undoubtedly a style that is positioned between more sophisticated hair dyeing techniques, because it goes from dark tones in a more subtle way to a lighter shade to the tips , multiple Hollywood celebrities have used this technique to change their style to give a different turn to their appearance, this has in turn achieved that many more women want to get it to look as elegant as those who parade through the red carpet.

Multiple Hollywood celebrities have used this technique

How to get ombre highlights

How to get ombre highlights

Obtaining ombre highlights consists of a transition of subtle colors, to achieve the effect in the right way it is only necessary to choose a lighter shade of ours to achieve a subtle and beautiful gradient.

You can also decolorize the hair and apply the dye you want for your ombre highlights according to the tone of your hair, usually the jaw area is chosen as the principle of gradient (this in regard to very long hair).

The trend managed with ombre highlights is from a dark color to a lighter one, as we already mentioned.

Also if you want your ombre highlights to have a much more luminous and careful appearance, we recommend you to place your hair in the hands of a specialist who is able to achieve a smooth transition in your hair and a more natural gradient according to the different shades you have chosen for your hair

Your ombre highlights

Styles derived from ombre highlights

Styles derived from ombre

As we said before, ombre highlights is a fairly sophisticated trend, that’s why we want to talk about the derivative effects that are achieved through this technique for highlights.

Among the most discarded is the shadow effect, which consists of a gradual gradient that descends from the root to the point of the hair as the effect for traditional ombre highlights, with the difference that this technique achieves an even more subtle, discrete effect and delicate, very similar to natural highlights.

To achieve this effect derived from ombre highlights, light tones such as honey, soft gold and sweets are used, tones with sweet connotations and with these, sophisticated and sublime tones are obtained, to achieve an impeccable work, this is a technique we do not recommend try to perform at home, but allow a professional to take charge of the shadow effect on your ombre highlights.

Natural highlights

You can find a variety of shades for your ombre highlights

You can find a variety of shades for your ombre highlights

You also have the Texan effect, which consists of the application of several shades in the hair with the aim of achieving four different shades in the inner area of our hair, in addition to the transition of color can begin to be seen in the hair the height of the nose.

Finally we want to talk about the effect grey ombre hair which is a color that is giving much to talk about because although the name can make you think directly in gray and lifeless, we want to let you know that this style part of the blond using shades of gray, This technique applies to all types of discolorations, yes, as well as what you are reading, because the essence of the technique is to achieve a clear effect from the middle of the hair to the tip, which achieves a beautiful effect and full of light.

Texan effect

How can I know which tone is better for my ombre highlights?

How can I know which tone is better for my ombre highlights

To know which tone suits you best, first you must know that this varies in each woman, it is also important to mention that different shades can be used to create ombre highlights of different colors and thus achieve different effects, but still taking into account our main focus which is to achieve a tone that looks sophisticated, natural and suitable for each person. For that reason, to know which tone is the one that favors us the most, we must take into account the color of our eyes, skin and hair.

The idea is that they can identify with some of these features so that they can have a minimum knowledge of how this new look could look with ombre fuses and thus make a final decision, which is expected to be daring to make the change that the make yourself look younger, radiant, that look a hair that looks healthy but at the same time with a different touch, that will help them to enhance their best features and tributes, diverting attention from those areas with which they do not feel comfortable.

Ombre fuses

Pay close attention to the tones you want to choose for your hair with ombre highlights

The tones you want to choose for your hair with ombre highlights

We already know that the highlights comprise different tones, but this does not mean different colors, since we must take into account that the tones will be working from the roots to the tips, adding different shades but all included within the same color.

Since it is not a good idea to mix different colors like yellow, red and brown; the right thing to do would be to mix perhaps different shades of browns.

It is also important the conditions in which your hair is before dyeing it with ombre highlights, that is, it is best to cut it before doing it and not later, but much less perform highlights if your tips are open or brittle, if you cut your hair before to start the process the result you get will be much better, plus it will give more shine to your hair and make it look healthier.

Different shades of browns

Ideas for your ombre highlights last much longer

Ideas for your ombre highlights last much longer

We usually invest a lot of the time – besides money – in the care and changes of look especially in our mane with ombre highlights.

Many times we choose to dye it full and others just to make highlights that give us more light in the face.

We love the highlights, they are perfect, they give us a different touch and we do not subject all the hair to the exposure with chemicals; however, with the passing of time they may become opaque or need to be “retouched” as the roots grow.

Most stylists agree that eight to ten weeks you have to return to the beauty salon to touch them, but if your hair grows very fast you will always be in a constant fight against the clock.

That’s why we want to present you with options that will help you maintain your ombre highlights for much longer.

First of all, avoid washing your hair so often, as this weakens it in addition to making the color of your ombre highlights deteriorate with each wash, try to wash it every two or three days so you can take care of the coloring of your reflexes, too pay close attention when you go to places where the sun’s rays could wreak havoc on your hair, mainly on the beach, we recommend that when your hair is fresh out of the hairdresser, avoid going to the beach the first few weeks, so that the saltpeter Do not deteriorate the coloring of your ombre highlights.

Ombre Highlights from your house

Ombre Highlights from your house

If you are one of those daring girls who like to experiment with your hair at home or maybe you already have experience and want to try this new look with ombre highlights, here we will give you everything you need to make ombre highlights at home be a success

First you must think about the selection of colors, this is very important, you must choose a color that matches well with your natural tone, try not to lose your head, choose the color or the colors that you know that go with you and what you need to look amazing.

Among the most frequent options you should know that there are two types of techniques to make ombre highlights on your hair, one of them is the traditional gradient that you already know and the other that you might not have known but that is also available to you, is the gradient the inverse.

Make ombre highlights on your hair

Let’s talk a little more about the two ombre techniques that we presented earlier

Two ombre techniques that we presented earlier

The traditional ombre has the tips clearer than the roots, in a technique that plays with the shades achieving a subtle and beautiful gradient, we also want to inform you that of the two effects, the traditional one is easier to achieve at home.

The reverse effect has the tips darker than the roots, this is a much more risky and radical technique, but the result well achieved, is beautiful and will add much more personality to your hair.

Remember that if you are going to do all the work of your ombre highlights from home you should choose a tone that is not more than two lighter shades than you currently have, because the subtler the more natural color change will be the result you get at perform the dyeing of your highlights, you can also try to find dyes that are totally or partially natural to avoid further damage to your hair.

Let’s go into stuff about dyeing your hair with ombre highlights

Dyeing your hair with ombre highlights

Once the tone has been chosen, decide from which point you want the gradient of your ombre highlights to begin, this is just as important as the choice of color.

It will be safer if you start closer to the tips, because if the colors are mixed closer to the roots, it will seem that you need to dye them more than an ombre highlight effect, we recommend the jaw area, it is a good point for that begin to mix the colors.

After you have chosen the tones you must begin with the discoloration, the use of the blond dye is recommended for ombre highglights, because it does not make the color too clear and this will achieve a more subtle effect.

Proceed to divide your hair from the middle to then divide those two halves in the number of sections you want, then hold each section well so that it is separated from the rest.

The right elements will be of great help to make your ombre highlights

Great help to make your ombre highlights

It is also necessary that you choose the appropriate application tools, you can ask for a recommendation to the person in charge of the place where you will get the implements, they will suggest the pertinent tools that you should use to dye your hair with ombre wicks.

After applying the bleach leave it for 10 to 45 minutes and then remove with plenty of water, once your hair is dry, divide it again to start applying the dye and let it act for 10 to 15 minutes and remove with water again, not stop using a suitable shampoo for this, once finished the process, prepare tea to enjoy your ombre wicks.

You are liking these highlights? Here is a video so you can learn how to make them

How to take care of your hair with ombre highlights

How to take care of your hair with ombre highlights

It is not only a matter of dyeing the hair with ombre highlights, it is also a matter of trying to continue to see the shine, softness and coloration.

This is why you should have the products like shampoo and conditioner necessary to make your hair continue as when you put your ombre highlights. It is also essential to use moisturizing hair masks that meet the needs of our hair, which in this case would be to keep hydrated, since it has been mistreated in some way or another at the time of having applied the dye, and if that does not It was the case, they can be used simply to give it a greater shine, more softness and manageability, make it look healthier, since that will make you look more radiant, fresh and renewed.

For this reason, it is necessary that if you are considering the idea of ​​making a change of look whether it is something simple and soft, or something stronger and drastic, it is important that you take into account many things, from the color and tones you want to use, the technique you have selected, the amount of highlights or wicks you want, the most appropriate location to highlight your best features or otherwise hide those with which you do not feel at ease.

Always look for the best option and dare to make the change.


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