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If you want to change your hair a little, make it look brighter and give it a better appearance, a good option is to try hair highlights.

It helps you to give a new look to your hair and you only have to dye a part of it, it is applied tincture in highlights that can be thin or thicker, but it is best to make them in a way where they look as natural as possible and So make your hair look more sophisticated, radiant and with more life.

look as natural

The best part of this process is that it seeks to mistreat as little as possible the hair, since with this procedure it is not necessary to discolor the hair because it is illumination.

it is illumination.

Natural look

Natural look is an amazing idea for your highlights but also you can try something else

On the other hand, to make them look as natural as possible, it is best to select a shade that is less than three shades of difference with the current color of the hair, because in this way the contrast is not so marked and make the highlights or illuminations go unnoticed and look like the natural color of hair, shiny and healthy; but that in turn add a special shine that enhances your face.

Natural look

Did you know that highlights have a lot of opportunities to offer you?

One of the great advantages of hair highlights is that this procedure is not difficult to maintain, since unlike other processes they do not need to be retouched every month, but people will decide when they see it more convenient to do it, that will depend on that so long you grow your hair.

For example: If you have an accelerated growth, the root will be noticed a little faster so you should retouch the hair highlights in a more continuous way, but otherwise it may take a little longer to perform what is necessary to touch it up.

In the event that the color of the highlights is of a tone very similar to the color of the hair, then there would be no problem if you cannot retouch them just on the assigned or mentioned date, since there would not be much difference between the tones and It would be very remarkable, but this may vary depending on the tone that each person decided to have.

Did you know that highlights have a lot of opportunities to offer you?

How do reflections benefit your appearance?

This is a procedure that can be used by any woman who wants a change in her hair, who wants it to look not only brighter and more radiant, but also healthy and not lose its virginity.

The hair highlights  are perfect for those who begin to appear the unwanted gray hair and want to disguise them in some way, without having to completely dye their hair; but as we all know most women do not like to show their hair with gray or white tones because they think they do not make them look as young as they want, so they think about dyeing it using bleaches or all darker, but made-to-measure that those procedures are applied, the hair gradually loses its naturalness, besides that they become slaves of it, which is very unpleasant or convenient, for that reason the most recommendable thing is to perform the hair highlights.

How do reflections benefit your appearance?

You will be amazed with the results of your hair highlights

As mentioned earlier this procedure can be done by anyone who wants it, that’s why it’s the best option to make the change of look that is asked by girls to their mothers, because they do not mistreat hair as other procedures, and It offers the change they so much want but in a not so notorious way, maintaining the shine and naturalness of the hair.

For that reason hair highlights are considered the best option, since both the girl and the mother are satisfied and happy with the final result.

You will be amazed with the results of your hair highlights

Techniques for your highlights hair

When we think about highlights, for a woman, one of the worst things is to be trapped in a hair routine, one of the ways to get out of there is changing the tone or color of it, but this does not necessarily have to be drastic or very noticeable.

Techniques for your highlights hair

You can review this summary of the best ideas or techniques to make your highlights look as you wanted and get out of the routine.

Who knows? Maybe among those is the option you’ve always wanted or what you’ve been looking for, but remember to always take a sample image to the hairdresser where you’ll do it, so you can avoid regretting your decision.

We can bet that you do not know all the techniques available for your hair with highlights

Our hair can be a bit changing depending on some factors, so the way to care for it can also vary. For example: it can look different in each season or even depend on our health.

For that reason, keeping up with hair can be a complicated task, but not impossible, because if we find the right way can be healthy and radiant at any time or situation, either after being exposed to sun and sea during the summer or the frizz caused by the cold of winter.

It is also important to mention that as everything evolves when we talk about hair highlights, the terms such as low lights or lights when we refer to how we want to dye our hair also did, currently terms such as shatush, balayage, ombre, bronde, splashlight, babylights, ecaille are used.

We can bet that you do not know all the techniques available for your hair with highlights

Let’s enter in matter with the wonderful techniques for your hair with highlights

The Balayage is a procedure or technique for highlights that consists of dyeing the hair in a way where there are no lines that are very noticeable, the idea is to go unnoticed and to see a natural degradation between both tones, seeking to achieve a result similar to when we are children and the hair changes its hue due to the sun as we grow.

The way to achieve this effect is to use patches of light and shadows and in this way achieve different color dimensions. But why is it called Balayage? Balayage is a French word that means to paint or sweep.

Let's enter in matter with the wonderful techniques for your hair with highlights

Balayage: Cool and sophisticated with your hair highlights

If you want to make a slight change of color or refresh it but not very drastically the Balayage is an excellent option, since it does not completely saturate your hair, but the dye is mixed in a soft way.

Unlike other procedures, the Balayage does not need to use aluminum foil, because traditional highlights are made entirely by hand for a softer and more natural finish.

The time of elaboration of this technique for highlights can vary depending on the depth desired by the person, for example small reflections or as also known “Babylights Balayage” may take a few minutes, we can say that about 45 minutes, instead an aspect of triple process can take up to 3 hours approximately; the second although it may take longer to be done, it gives you more maintenance time, that is, you will not have to go in so little time to touch up your hair.

But the decision will vary depending on the taste of each woman and the highlights she would like to have.


You cannot confuse Balayage with traditional highlights

You cannot confuse Balayage with traditional highlights, since with completely different from your procedure to the final result.

Balayage does not use aluminum foil unlike traditional highlights, in addition that the finish is not as uniform or has as much similarity as the highlights.

If what you want is to give shine and highlights to your hair but without having a lot of streaks on the hair, then you can consider the Balayage technique for highlights as the best for you, this way you can avoid the stripes but at the same time have the different tones you want and in this way the transition between the two is not so drastic.

In addition this method allows you to customize the tone and shape in which you want to apply it on your hair, and so you can highlight a specific part of your face if you wish or otherwise, try to hide or disguise a feature that you do not like or dislike The Balayage is considered the perfect technique for highlights  for modern and busy women because it is not necessary to be hair slaves to keep it soft, shiny and look healthy, or dedicate extra hours to care for it, just by complying with the basic routine of hair care is enough.

Let us introduce you the Ombre technique for your hair with highlights

Another technique for your highlights is one that you probably already know or have seen, it is one of the most seen or the most fashionable, you can see it in your friends or neighbors, or even in celebrities or famous artists such as models of Victoria’s Secret, is the Ombre technique.

As difficult as it may seem to be, it is easier than you think, and although it is not the favorite of many stylists, its final result is one of the best and most requested, as well as being among the most favorite of most women today that want to try highlight hair.

This consists of working based on the tone you have at the root and clarifying it to the extremes, until you reach a clearer whole, such as the blond. But what happens if your color at the root is not dark? No problem, you can ask your stylist to dye it a darker shade and then continue with the procedure.

It is important to mention that to achieve the final result of the Ombre, we must first perform a Balayage, and so we could say that the Balayage is the process to obtain the Ombre technique for your highlight hair.

Let us introduce you the Ombre technique for your hair with highlights

Tecnique for hair highlights

This technique for hair highlights is a favorite of many people because it suits almost all women and is also profitable for hairdressers, because there is a high demand for it since it is fashionable and everyone wants it.

Another technique or procedure for hair highlights that can help you get out of that hair routine and achieve the change you want so much is in Sombre or Ombre Soft is also known.

This process is very similar to Ombre, it consists in making a discrete transition between the seasons and the low maintenance color. It can be said that it is a softer way of the Ombre technique (that is why its other name Ombre soft), but the difference is that it is low maintenance, that is, you do not have to invest hours to make it look good , requires less effort to take care of the hair with this technique than with Ombre’s.

Tecnique for hair highlights

If you want a multidimensional tone for your hair highlights, a good option is to choose Ecaille’s technique, which uses different shades of a color palette of candies such as golden blondes, chestnuts and chocolate. This procedure is the combination of two that have already been mentioned above, which are Sombre and Balayage.

multidimensional tone for your hair highlights

Do you want a color change but look as natural as possible with you highlight hair?

Babylights are a good option for your highlights hair, this technique seeks to create a tone similar to that we have after a beach session.

A tonality is usually used twice as low as the natural color of the hair and it begins to dye the hair from the root, the idea is to achieve a tone according to each person and do it based on their natural color.

But why are they called Babylights? Because they seek to be as close as possible to the natural highlights babies have in their hair. When this coloration is applied correctly, it is possible to see brighter, brighter, healthier hair and it can give the person that change that he wanted so much.

To achieve this technique correctly and make your highlight hair looks light and sophisticated, small strands of hair are selected and stained with different shades, work in the air and begin to apply dye from the root to the ends and in this way achieve a softer gradient that integrates In a natural way to the rest of the hair, the idea is that the colors resemble the tones seen after a beach season.

Want to know how to make these beautiful highlights? Learn how right here!

Do you want a color change but look as natural as possible with you highlight hair?

Californian highlights 

Californian highlights will never be available to you if you want highlight hair

Besides, if we talk about colorations and discolorations for highlight hair we cannot leave aside one of the most famous and well-known techniques, the Californian ones, arose when some famous people broke with the stereotypes and decided to create an out of the ordinary look and give a different touch to their hair and in a short time they became a style that most people wanted and that are known by many stylists as the way to give life to a style without completely changing the color, and although a few years have passed and there are currently thousands of techniques, these are still fashionable, especially in the spring-summer season.

Californian highlights will never be available to you if you want highlight hair

Why should you do them?

Because they are natural and their color looks similar to the sun’s reflections, they are also ideal for bob cuts for hair, long, smooth and wavy.

Also, you will not have to go constantly to touch up them because you can see the roots, since the discoloration is applied at the ends.

color looks similar to the sun's reflections

Among other techniques for your highlight, we show you the Splashlight procedure

In this case, neither the roots are stained, but the middle part and transversally, that is, diagonally.

This highlights can be dyed in a marked way or in a softer way, in order to achieve a final effect that simulates the sun’s rays when reflected in the hair.

Splashlight highlights can be made by anyone, no matter what type of hair it is, whether it is smooth (in which it stands out more) or wavy, and regardless of the natural color or base of your hair, regardless of whether it is blond, brown or even redhead that is very fashionable nowadays.

You have to be very careful when selecting the color of the highlights, since it is most appropriate that it be the same tone and two or three shades lighter than the color you have at the base of the hair, because if you could not look too exaggerated or not achieve the effect you want but could simply look like a simple line in the hair of a different color.

What do this technique and the Californian have in common? They were created by the same person, the stylist Aura Friedman.

Among other techniques for your highlight, we show you the Splashlight procedure

The tiger eye technique is also here for your highlight hair

Another technique for hair highlights that we cannot fail to mention is the “Tiger eye”, although this procedure can be done in blond or reddish hair, works much better in darker shades like chestnuts.

In this case, the hair is dyed from the lower half of the hair, the roots do not usually dye, because this way a more natural growth effect is achieved, tones such as caramel, honey, bronze, gold and toffee are used, in addition with this technique the hair is completely dyed by hand.

To perform this technique you must first be sure and if the expected result goes well with the tone of your skin, since it is recommended that those who do have skin with a warm tone, since according to stylists and specialists is the best they have left.

Find inspiration for your new highlight hair

When it comes to hair, a good way to find inspiration is always the fashion shows, fashion magazines or simply follow the lives of some celebrities, they indicate that it is the latest in fashion.

If you want to apply colorations in honey, sand, gold and amber, the best option is to have a simple brown base. On the other hand, if you have a darker base such as mocha-chocolate, it is advisable to use darker shades such as caramel or ginger.

If you want to have blond tones in the highlights you should have a nuanced and subtle base, either amber or gold. On the other hand, an added reddish tone gives it a refined color of mahogany and currant.

Find inspiration for your new highlight hair

A few years ago, a technique for highlight hair was created that consisted in lightening the hair length from two to four tones, by means of the receding of the hair before using the lightening product, in addition that with this technique new revolutionary lighting effects were created, which obtain results beautiful, natural and that help hair to have healthy hair, plus it is not necessary to use aluminum foil.

Keeping abreast of constantly evolving color trends for highlight hair

This procedure consists of degrading the hair of a dark color from the center to the tips where it becomes lighter. This technique known as Shatush was invented by an Italian hairdresser named Aldo Coppola.

trending highlights

Sun kissed technique can offer your so much elegance to you highlight hair

People like the idea of changing hair highlight color according to the weather or season, if the weather is warmer, they heat up the color of their hair more.

But on the other hand fashion are the natural tufts. Then they tend to want more natural styles as if they were sunbeams and not streaks.

That’s why Eva Scrivo, a famous colorist recommended that the use of the sheets be left aside, she preferred to use the technique invented by her known as Sun Kissed, which helps a better distribution of color in your hair with highlights, where you hold small tufts in triangular shapes but smaller.

In addition to this technique does not need the use of sheets, which does not mistreat both the hair, because the sheets are heat conductors and can make the colors look more copper in the brunettes.

What tone fits me best for my highlight hair and where in my head is it correct to place them?

To know which tone is better on your highlight hair, you must first know that varies in each woman, it is also important to mention that different shades can be used to create highlights or reflections of different colors and thus achieve different effects, but even so main focus is to achieve a tone that looks sophisticated, natural and suitable for each person with hair highlights.

For that reason, to know which tone is the one that favors us the most, we must take into account the color of our eyes, skin and hair. Although this can vary and depends on each individual.

What tone fits me best for my highlight hair and where in my head is it correct to place them?

Reflections by hair color for highlight hair

  • Chestnut: golden, copper and mahogany highlights.
  • Blond: platinum highlights or ashes.
  • Dark hair: mahogany or reddish highlights.
  • Redheads: intense violet or red highlights.

It is another important aspect that must be taken into account is where we are going to place the highlights, but that will depend on what type of face we have. Therefore, to make the right decision, we will help you with the following information:

Reflections by hair color for highlight hair

  • Round face: it is recommended not to do them on the sides but to make them on the upper part of the face.
  • Slim and elongated face: the most advisable in this case would be to make them on the sides of the face and not on the upper part of it.
  • Pronounced lower jaw: with this type of face what is most recommended is to make the highlights in the temples and on the forehead.
  • Prominent gill: it is best to do them in an asymmetric way.
  • Eyes united: in this case it is recommended to make them at the height of the temples and eyes.

Remember that the goal of this beauty procedure is that your highlight hair makes you feel satisfied

Remember that the goal of this beauty procedure is that your highlight hair makes you feel satisfied

The idea is that they can identify with any of these features so that they can have a minimum knowledge of how this new look could look and make a final decision for your highlight hair, which is expected to be daring to make the change that makes them look more young, radiant, that show a hair that looks healthy but at the same time with a different touch, that helps them to enhance their best traits and tributes, diverting attention from those areas with which they do not feel at ease.

What are the Lowlights?

Those  are parts or sections of hair that are dyed darker colors to add shade, these parts can be thin or thick and usually use one or two shades darker than the natural color, can be said to be the counterpart of the reflections or Wicks They are those who add depth and dimension to hair.

Many people often use it after having rinsed their hair different times, and so give it a little more depth and volume.

Want to know how to make these beautiful highlights? Learn how right here!

Difference between highlights and lowlights

There is a lot of difference between them, although their name is similar, they are totally opposite techniques. Below we present some differences between the two.

Generally the highlights are better seen in dark hair as different shades of brown or black, but have a more prominent effect on light hair, such as light brown or blond tones, although this may vary depending on the taste of people.

But highlight hair can damage it in a very notorious way because it involves using bleach to clarify it.

However, it simply requires depositing color on the hair to dye it the desired color.

The highlights are responsible for adding movement and make them have a more tanned effect and the low highlights are those that are responsible for adding volume and depth, these in turn work together to create dimension in the hair.

The use of these also varies according to the season, usually the highlights tend to be used more or look better with summer styles, and otherwise the others look better during the winter due to their darker tones.

Difference between highlights and lowlights

Highlight hair: mistakes you should not make

Since to achieve highlights you have to clarify part of the hair there is a high possibility of making big mistakes that can make you regret having done it.

That is why we will mention the most common mistakes so that you do not commit them in this way.

The first error that you should not commit: not wanting to do the highlights yourself, since they are difficult techniques to achieve, that the person who realizes them needs to have certain skills and abilities to do them in the correct way, in addition he must know how to maintain the base color and that it is not necessary that the result be uniform.

In this way you will achieve the desired result otherwise the end result can be chaos.

Another very common mistake is not respecting the natural color of the hair, since the highlights are preferably made on it, since the techniques will base the color or tone that will be used based on the tone or original color of the base.

We already know that the hair highlight comprises different tones, but this does not mean different colors

You have to take into account that the tones are going to work from the roots to the tips, adding different shades but all included within the same color.

Since it is not a good idea to mix different colors like yellow, red and black. The right thing to do would be to mix perhaps different shades of browns.

We already know that the hair highlight comprises different tones, but this does not mean different colors

It is also important the conditions in which your hair is before dyeing it, that is, it is best to cut it before doing it and not after, but much less make highlights if your tips are open or brittle, if you cut your hair before starting the process the result you get will be much better, plus it will give more shine to your hair and make it look healthier.

Last but not least, you need to know the right amount of highlights to make, as abusing them can mistreat the hair, remove the shine and softness that naturally has.

The correct thing would be to not clarify hair more than 3 times a year, because it can cause serious damage, how do I do if my roots are noticed?

You can retouch only the roots or the parts that you do not like and in this way cover and clarify them without touching the rest of the hair and mistreating it.

How to make hair highlight at home

How to make hair highlight at home

We already know that hair highlight is one of the best methods to add color without dyeing it completely.

If you dare to take the risk of dyeing your hair for yourself, go to the closest article store you have and make sure you buy all the necessary items or materials.

Normally bleach is used next to color to lighten enough for the final color to adhere. When you have chosen the color you want and bought the materials you must use, the dyeing process begins.

First of all you must decide what color your highlight hair are going to be

If you have never done them before, it is advisable to choose a color a shade lighter or a little darker than the one you currently have.

But, in the end you decide what the final color will be.

You can get to want blond, purple, pink or even blue highlights. If you do not know what color you can look good, start by dyeing a small part of your hair with your favorite color.

If you like the result, you can always place yourself a little more.

Consider the amount of highlights you want to wear on your hair.

Get the materials you need for discoloration and highlights

Get the materials you need for discoloration and highlights

Everything will also depend on the color of your hair. If this is clear and you want your hair to be a dark color, it is not necessary to bleach it first. If your hair is dark, like a dark brown and you want a tone of a light and unnatural tone, you should discolor it before making the wicks to make sure you get a bright and beautiful color.

Prepare your hair and dye, separate your hair into sections according to the strands you want to bleach. About the dye, how you prepare it will depend on the product you use.

Sometimes you have to mix it with a developer in a bowl. You can also place a direct dye in a bowl. Apply the dye with a brush.

Completely cover the strands that you want to discolour with the dye from the root to the tips.

Repeat the process until all the strands to be decolorized are covered in color. Make sure you have not skipped any hair before you let the color set.

Let the dye work until the color is fixed on your hair with highlights

Let the dye work until the color is fixed on your hair with highlights

The time you wait to rinse your hair will depend on the product you use

In most cases you must wait for 30 minutes to be sure that the color is fixed. However, observe your hair after 10 to 15 minutes to check the progress of the dye.

Rinse the dye. If you are using aluminum foil, remove it from your hair, if you are not using it, you can start to rinse the dye.

Completely submerge the hair under the jet of water until the dye has been completely washed. When the water comes out clean, you will know it is ready and you can stop rinsing.

Then use conditioner, as the dyeing can dry the hair, you must condition it once you have completely removed the dye. It does not matter what type of hair conditioner you use, but it is advisable to use a special deep conditioner for dyed hair.

Let it act between 5 and 10 minutes. Use the deep conditioner once a week to keep your hair soft, hydrated, silky and shiny.

Give maintenance to your highlights. These will be seen once the hair is completely dry. Keep your shiny appearance by washing with a shampoo that is to keep hair dyed fresh, silky and healthy.

How products act for highlight hair

How products act for highlight hair

Women who do not want porosity, dryness and discolored appearance that the dyes can produce, must follow a routine of special care, and know what they are.

The specific products for dyed hair are very helpful, because they meet all the needs of this type of wicks or reflections. Discover how they act in the structure of the strands, maintaining not only the color, but also the healthy aspect of the hair.

Protecting the hair from oxidation is one of the main functions of these products in specific, this process discolors the wicks and can be caused by contact with the sun and air.

This type of specific products usually contain photo protective molecules, which can absorb solar radiation and antioxidants that protect the reaction caused by contact with oxygen, all this ensured by Maria Ines Harris, a well-known cosmetologist.

How to take care of your highlight hair

As we said, the main reason why people, both men and women, dye their hair with highlights is to cover the unwanted gray hair, but also to get out of the hair routine or wear fashionable colors (maybe platinum or fantasy).

But it is not just a matter of dyeing the hair, but also keeping it in order to continue with the shine, softness and coloration.

For that reason it is necessary to have the products as shampoo and conditioner necessary to get your hair to maintain as at the moment of having made the change.

It is also essential to use moisturizing hair masks that meet the needs of our hair, which in this case would be to keep hydrated, since it put to have been mistreated in some way or another at the time of having applied the dye, and if not It was the case, they can be used simply to give it a greater shine, more softness and manageability, make it look healthier and more careful, since that will make you look more radiant, fresh and renewed.

Follow our tips to enjoy beautiful hair with highlights

Follow our tips to enjoy beautiful hair with highlights

For this reason, it is necessary that if you are considering the idea of making a change of look whether it is something simple and soft, or something stronger and drastic, it is important that you take into account many things, from the color and tones you want to use, the technique you have selected, the amount of reflections or wicks you want, the most appropriate location to highlight your best features or otherwise hide those with which you do not feel at ease.

Always look for the best option and dare to make the change.


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