Bad highlights

This is a complicated issue among women, it is even a painful issue for all of them, yes, this is talking about the bad experiences of going to the beauty salon, having a beautiful idea in our mind for our hair and that everything turns out to be a complete disaster with bad highlights, in fact, this is one of the main reasons why many girls do not want to know anything about highlights, believe that everything they are going to try with this hair beauty technique will go wrong because if it happened to them once, nothing guarantees them that it does not happen again, for many it represents a risk that they are not willing to go through a similar situation again

Many times the damage to the hair is due to making bad decisions or wanting to perform different procedures on the hair without any experience, so it is always advisable to leave you in the hands of professionals, when it comes to taking care of our hair we must take all possible preventive measures, dyeing hair is not as simple as placing a video on YouTube or buying a hair dye, it goes beyond that, they are procedures that require the relevant skills so that the result is a complete success and your hair does not turn into a disaster because of the bad highlights

not turn into a disaster because of the bad highlights

There are many reasons why women end up having bad highlights on their hair

There are many reasons why women end up having bad highlights on their hair

We already told you a little about what it means to make the decision to perform a process of hair dyeing by your own means without any kind of experience, there are some who can get rid of the consequences but others who are living right now and only think about hide your hair forever under a hat or pick it up most of the time so you do not notice too much damage or in the worst case cut it to avoid having to suffer more when not seeing a solution that can help you recover the health of your hair.

We know that it is not always our fault, we often trust the wrong people, that is why it is so delicate to those who allow us to put their hands on our hair, many beauty salons worldwide boast of their stylists and their professionalism when actually do not have the necessary preparation tools to touch you if you want one of your hair and that is a matter that requires meditation, many times we go to a single site without any recommendation and some others go with recommendations but sometimes that is not enough to determine We are in the hands of the right person and we expose our hair to any amount of danger that ends up leaving bitter results with bad highlights.

bitter results with bad highlights

One of the things that many women do not know is that hair can be burned by different factors and generates bad highlights

different factors and generates bad highlights

For anyone is a secret that dyes, bleach and other hair dye products have different aggressive chemical components that can do much damage to our hair if not used in the right way generating results like bad highlights, also there is also low quality products that expose the health of our hair to innumerable risks, so it is very important that you know what you are buying and decide to apply on your hair, do not make a decision lightly, it is about your hair, your Beauty and those who want to look much more beautiful.

To many “stylists” if you can call them that way, do not mind reviewing the products you bring to the salon to paint your hair, even knowing different factors that could damage it, only worry about getting money in exchange for doing what you ask , without caring what you really need, without caring that the execution of your work is professional, this is important because the chemical compounds of multiple products for dyeing procedures can burn your hair partially, often almost in its entirety and after this sadly No one is responsible for the damages.

No one is responsible for the damages

The tones play a key role to prevent your hair from experiencing the consequences of bad highlights

The tones play a key role to prevent your hair from experiencing the consequences of bad highlights

Girls, how many times have they been walking down the street and when they turn they see some woman with totally out of fashion hair, not to mention that she has a destroyed hair and often does not mean that her hair is open or her hair is burned, but that You are totally shocked by the poor selection of colors and shades in your hair, some women are not aware of the mistakes they make when putting on colors that do not favor their skin tone or the features of their face, but we know that you do and for that reason they are at this moment reading this information.

Many women when they decide to paint their hair are guided solely by what they say on the internet but it turns out that much of what appears on the web many things tend to be false, so we do not tire of recommending that you consult the professionals Before making any decision regarding your hair, the bad choice of colors can end up generating an unpleasant result of bad highlights, part of the responsibility could be of the special list but it could also be yours for not informing and choosing what “you like” “And not what really favors you and will make your hair look beautiful.

result of bad highlights

All women can agree that there is an element that can become our worst enemy in terms of bad highlights and we are talking about discoloration

bad highlights and we are talking about discoloration

To lack of time, to want to experiment or to resort to the person and the indicated products end up turning it into their worst enemy and in the end only get a horrible result with bad highlights, discoloration is a serious matter, make the hair fibers clearer implies risks, but done in the right way is the best ally in techniques to dye your hair.

The bleach not only has the ability to burn your hair when you use it in inappropriate ways, it can also dehydrate you or result in a horrible color that you want to tear off your head and many girls know that we are not exaggerating, also when using the bleach excessive way your hair becomes dehydrated more and more making bad highlights your worst nightmare, many women do not realize the damage they caused to their hair until after applying the coloration that ends up adding more damage to the disaster and when the result you lose your head to see the harsh reality that you have damaged your hair.

Excessive tweaks are also some of the factors that will make your hair end up looking awful bad highlights

looking awful bad highlights

It is necessary to take into account that there are women who do not leave the salon almost never, they spend more time fixing their hair than at work or at home, they are never satisfied with their appearance, they are never satisfied with the way they look Your hair and always want to try new things, this is where the consequences become inevitable and as much add unnecessary elements to your hair end up damaging it with bad highlights.

Now, how is it that constantly touching hair to make it look more beautiful can be a mistake? Let’s agree on the following, if you never turn off the computer, if you never turn off the lights of your vehicle, without ever stop using the phone while connected to the charger all this will cause damage because you are overloading, because you are abusing each of these devices, likewise happens with the hair, when you wear the chemicals to the extreme, you’re wearing it, this is where an expert should tell you to stop but as many will not, we tell you, give your hair a Rest is vital to avoid damaging it with bad highlights.

Sometimes bad highlights do not have to do with the tones to choose but the intensity with which they are applied

Sometimes bad highlights do not have to do with the tones to choose but the intensity with which they are applied

All women know many techniques to dye their hair, from the traditional wicks to the most current techniques so they know that the hair split before applying the colors and the intensity and technique with which they are applied will determine if we will have a beautiful result or If we find ourselves face to face with the bad highlights, it often has to do with factors that are responsible for distracting inside the beauty salon, if you do not have an idea of ​​what I mean, read on.

How many women can confirm that in beauty salons sometimes the stylists pay too much attention to the work they are doing?

We know that you could feel identified and is that often the stylists do not devote the necessary attention to your hair because they are distracted talking to other colleagues, because they end up leaving the dye in your hair longer than it is due, or because instead of applying coarse reflexes they apply thin highlights or vice versa, giving you a result completely to the opposite and giving you a mediocre result of bad highlights.

Now that you know some of the reasons that damage your hair with bad highlights, let’s go into what we most want to know, how to repair them

some of the reasons that damage your hair with bad highlights

The first thing you have to know is that many times the first option is not to dye your hair immediately, if your hair was burned by dyes or damaged during discoloration, you will have to forget about the dyes for a while and start repairing your hair.

Hair and can return to life again, after spending so much time exposed to chemicals you can not do more damage, you must have a patience, repair your bad highlights will take a little time, but the wait will be worth it and you will return to have healthy hair

We recommend acquiring deep repair and conditioning products that can help you restore your hair in the best way, your hair needs to be hydrated again so that the fibers of your hair stop having that opaque and lifeless appearance, we know you can be a little afraid of applying more beauty products to your hair, so you can apply natural masks to your hair to hydrate it, such as the avocado mask, mayonnaise or egg whites, after your hair recovers you can try with colors in your hair that give back the luminosity that you desire so much.

Here you can see a video of how you can repair your bad highlights

After your hair can recover from all the disaster with the bad highlights this is what you can do to repair the damage in coloration

After your hair can recover from all the disaster with the bad highlights this is what you can do to repair the damage in coloration

When your hair has suffered color damage, we also suffer, no matter what side you look at or try to justify it, the result you do not like. and you end up having bad highlights Generally the highlights are applied in a specific way that makes your hair have a series of uniform shades that gives an appearance full of color, elegance and style, mostly when the coloring goes wrong is because the technique of Tinted was applied in the wrong way and now it seems that your hair came out very affected by a war where the different dyes of hair attacked it without mercy.

To change the disastrous appearance of your bad highlights, your stylist should focus on where the damage of the coloration is most noticeable and match the base tonality of your hair, then begin to add the correct colors with the technique you wish to reconstruct whether it is balayage , ombre or Californian highlights, through the application of the right tones your hair will recover the contrast, the elegance and the luminosity that it had lost, all you have to do then is to give proper care to the colors by means of products such as shampoo and conditioner for dyed hair and ready.

The process may take a little longer than you thought, but what really matters is that your hair is as beautiful as ever again no matter what you have to do.


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