White Highlights

When we hear the words “White highlights ” the truth is that most of us don’t really get excited, actually, what we think about is grandmas and older people with this hair color but keep in mind that there are also fairy tale characters known to have these hair colors, such like fairy tales.

Would you believe us if we told you, you could have this fantasy hair colors and you would look amazing with them?

Well, it is truth! Although white has not many shades, you can turn it into gray or silver and make it match the better with your skin and hair tones.

Although white has not many shades

Most people believe that this color would only fit with lighted skinned people or with light colored eyes like gray and blue, and it is true, but not only on them it can also look superb on people with darker eyes and complexion, it could actually look better as there is more contrast and it has an even greater wow effect.

And there are so many options that you can choose to check all the things on the list of what you have always wanted in your hair that all you have to do is think a little outside the box to take it to the next level.

You just have to tell you stylist what you want and they will gladly apply it onto your hair, but always stay open to recommendations from them as they are the experts and know what would look better on you, although that does mean they have the last word, that will always be you!

A plus is that fantasy colors and in style right now!

Just take a look around you when you go out for a walk or to the grocery store and we are sure you will spot a few people rocking them out.

If you are willing to take the risk, white highlights can give you a great looking brown hair

White highlights can give you a great looking brown hair

Brown hair is usually seen as boring or even a safe option, and this is for the only fact that it is common, and although it is a great hair color all by itself with all its under tones and natural highlights under the direct sun lights, adding white highlights to it will let you dress it up and make it more of your own.

Do not even think about what other people say, your hair is yours and you should not pay attention to them.

And here is where the shades of white and gray come to mind to help you choose the white highlights that will make you feel more comfortable.

Shades of white and gray

Take into notice that you should not automatically assume that what you have in mind is what is going to end up in your hair, or rather, do not assume that you know how the end results of your brown hair with white highlights will look; because if you think about it, what you believe it will end up looking can go both ways it can go completely over your expectations but it can also not even look a little bit like what you thought.

Also you can turn peoples believes in how white highlights look and make them see that they don’t look bad but that they are a great idea if you are not afraid.

If you have brown hair and are looking for a big change of look highlights are the perfect option for you

Brown hair and are looking for a big change of look

Consider that white highlights will make a huge difference in your hair without making a complete change, meaning that yes you are making a huge change of look by adding just statement highlights, but at the same time highlights don’t take the whole of your hair so it ends up not taking the harsh decision of dying your whole mane.

You can add a few white highlights on chocolate brown hair and you can be sure that there will not be a better hair color combination as it will make you use both the cool tones of the white and the warm tones of your base color.

This specific look plays professionally with the warm tones of the hair and the cool of the white highlights creating an impressive contrast of the tones and colors of these to shades.

If you are looking for a more natural look, you can try to use gray or silver instead of white so it can better match your hair color and your complexion, with the right shade of dark silver you can get such subtle highlights that are invisible inside but once you step out on the direct sunlight they come to life.

Black hair can also look amazing with white highlights

Black hair can also look amazing with white highlights

White is the perfect color to apply to your black hair as it will make a great contrast between the two colors and it also has been a trend for the last couple of years and will look amazing on you.

Black hair with white highlights reflects a young hairstyle, perhaps a little drastic and with silver it can actually look kind of gothic, but it also has great dynamism, strength and it also adds plenty of light to the face.

However, you will need to take several aspects into consideration.

The first one to consider is that if your black hair is natural —or virgin— or if it has been previously dyed, as the procedure is treated differently depending on which of this two cases is yours.

Black hair with white highlights

If your hair is virgin, the colors will be just as the advertisement, but if your hair has been previously dyed this will make the color look a bit more vibrant and dark.

This all has an explanation, and it all depends on how the chemicals react to your hair, it will obviously react differently to a hair that has not been dyed before than to a completely “new” hair.

The chemicals react to your hair

Moreover, another aspect that you should take into consideration is the time that is going to take, many people have the believe that discoloration and coloration of hair all happen in the same salon date, when it’s not like that, professional hair stylists recommend that the coloring is done within 5 or 6 days after the discoloration of your dark hair tone.

And this is recommended because in that amount of time, maybe even up it to a whole week, your hair will have recovered from the damage that discoloration produces and will be valuable to apply the color of your white highlights over healthier hair.

Liking these highlights? You can learn how to make them right here!

There is even more variety of shades for your white highlights than you could ever imagine with your black hair

More variety of shades for your white highlights

Even when it is a weird color to find in the world, it is a definite fun time for stylists when they work with your hair.

And this will give you higher opportunities to have the better results if your stylist is having fun while taking care of your hair.

You can go all mysterious and vampy with a deep shade of white highlights which will end up looking more silver/greyish.

If you decide to go for this look we recommend you mix it with some dark lipstick.

On the other hand, you can opt for a lighter shade of white which will perfectly give you a great contrast between your natural dark hair and the lightness of the white.

This will give you a more ethereal look, as if you are something out of this world, this color of hair is recommended to be worn with neutral colors —like white or black— so they can stand out!

Silver greyish

Or you can go completely out of the ordinary and try an ombré look with different white shades for your white highlights.

This will give you an even greater contrast as you can go from the darkest shade to the lightest shade all on your own hair.

Maybe you don’t even have to use an ombré technique but a striped look, with different straps of your hair colored from different shades of white, I know what you’re thinking “Wouldn’t this look weird?” It does not! It actually looks amazingly when done correctly so make sure you are with a stylist you trust.

Blonde hair with white highlights   will look good?

Blonde hair with white highlights

Absolutely! Contrary to popular believes it looks amazing and will make it stand out even more from the crowd, plus you will have a change of look without changing your original hair tone completely.

So, if you want to turn your blonde mane into something different with white highlights this is what you need to know about the process and how to give life to your multi-colored hair.

Something different with white highlights

Dying your blonde hair with white highlights will give you something to stand out! Sadly, it does not matter how light your natural hair color is, you will still need to go through the decolorizing process and as white is the lightest you can go.

First, you should take into consideration that the process can be complicated so we highly recommend for you to leave this process in the hands of a professional that will take care of your hair both to keep it strong and healthy and to give you the best results that you can have after the process and have it in mind specially with procedures such as highlights , ombré or balayage because they need a previous knowledge and skill to apply these techniques.

Any hair salon should have at least one person that can apply this to your hair, whether you want the traditional foil highlights or a simpler and less intense technique like balayage highlights .

Before dyeing your hair here are some side effects that everyone should know before jumping on this ride

Before dyeing your hair

Hair dyes used nowadays to dye our hair are not exactly known for being good to your hair, actually the can actually have some harmful side effects.

For example, most of them have ammonia and peroxide, the former breaks through your hair and the latter bleaches out your natural pigment, stripping away its color.

This process is essentially damaging your hair as its literally breaking its structure to eliminate the color.

Exaggerating these processes on your hair will be only keep adding up and end up in easy breakage and in extreme cases washing away with water.

It can be revived, but to a certain extent do not expect to apply treatments and for it to be magically perfect in the next ten minutes.

Once you dye your hair there is no turning back to virgin hair (Not dyed hair).

Of course, there’s always the risk of having an allergic reaction, that can end up in irritation, itching, redness or swelling of the areas that had have contact with the hair dye.

Not dyed hair

Even though these is technically not a side effect it can affect whether you dye your hair or not, and that is the maintenance.

A lot of people don’t realize that besides taking care of your hair you need to


Taking care of your hair with white highlights

Now that you have your hair with your beautiful highlights, now is the time to take care of it so it does not get all dry and numb because of the chemicals used during the application process.

There are a variety of products that you can go to take care of your hair and allow it to look healthy, beautiful and alive at all times.

Taking care of your hair with white highlights

The first thing that you will need is using a special shampoo and conditions formulated specifically for dyed hair, get rid of your old hair products and surround yourself with products with color treatment.

It is also good to not wash your hair every day, this works in two ways: it helps you keep your hair healthy and the color on your hair for longer.

Then you apply your conditioner —it is very important for you to never miss this step, if you do your hair could get dry super-fast and that will lead to split ends— and not remove it immediately but leave it on for a couple of minutes so it can do its job, last but not least, rinse.

These steps will allow you to continue having your hair full of life with your white highlights .


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